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Research @ Hofstra

The Hofstra Faculty Mentor-of-the-Year Award

Students and faculty are invited to nominate a full-time faculty member who has supervised an advanced undergraduate research or creative project (the latter may include, for example, screenplays or works of art). Supervision may be intellectual or professional in nature, and will encourage students to develop their own ideas in pursuing their research or creative project. The award will go to a faculty mentor who has had a large impact on an undergraduate research or creative project at the advanced level in any discipline.

Nominations submitted through the link below should emphasize the most salient qualities of the faculty mentor’s influence and engagement with background information and anecdotal illustrations, if possible, to show how that mentor made a substantial difference toward enabling the success of a particular student or group of students.

A successful nominee has:

  1. provided guidance from idea to project development on research or a creative project
  2. demonstrated mentorship above and beyond general expectations
  3. demonstrated a track record for involving mentees/other students in professional development
  4. significant life-changing impact on mentee and other students in the Hofstra University community.


Full-time faculty members are eligible for nomination for this award. Once a faculty member has been recognized, that person cannot be awarded the Mentor of the Year Award for five years.


The recipient will be recognized at the May Honors convocation and receive an award of $500.

Please use the link above to submit a 300-500 word statement which describes how your mentor matches the qualities outlined here. Nomination submissions are confidential and should not be shared. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Vice Provost Elfreda V. Blue at elfreda.blue@hofstra.edu.

Deadline for nominations is April 5.