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Research @ Hofstra

The Hofstra Faculty Mentor-of-the-Year Award

Students and Faculty are invited to nominate a full-time faculty member who has supervised advanced Undergraduate Research and guided students, in both professional and intellectual ways, toward developing their own ideas and pursuing their research. The award will go to a Faculty Mentor who has had a great impact on undergraduate research at the advanced level in any discipline (in terms of the number of students or the degree of impact on an individual, that is, in the breadth or depth of influence and engagement).

Nomination letters should emphasize the most salient qualities of the faculty mentor’s influence and engagement with background information and anecdotal illustrations, if possible, to show how that mentor made a substantial difference toward enabling the success of a particular student or group of students.

The recipient will be recognized at the May Honors convocation and receive an award of $500.

Deadline for nominations by April 5 at:

Questions? Contact the Provost Office at Provost[at]hofstra.edu