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Funding for Conference Presentations of Undergraduate Research: Procedures

Undergraduates who are engaged in advanced research in their major and who wish to present their research at a professional conference are eligible for (full or partial) funding from the university. Full funding cannot be guaranteed in advance in all cases and in all amounts, but the University wishes to provide funding for legitimate expenses for the presentation of advanced undergraduate research. Such presentation supports the individual student and the overall mission of the University.

Funded presentation of research is based on advanced work (for credit) usually in the major field, as a capstone experience, and often, but not necessarily, for departmental honors. Under certain circumstances, advanced research in a particular course (not as a capstone) can be eligible for funding for presentation upon a case-by-case review.

Discuss with your research supervisor / advisor and chairperson the possibilities for presenting research in your field. Funding requires the endorsement of advisor and chairperson.

Contact Neil H. Donahue, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs in the Provost's Office, West Library Wing, Axinn Library. Tel. 516-463-5442 or Neil.H.Donahue[at]hofstra.edu

Vice Provost Donahue will organize funding and will require 1) proof of acceptance of the paper or poster for presentation at the conference (in the form of a letter or email with specifics); and 2) an estimate of expenses, including registration fee, travel (city to city, and local ground transportation), lodging and meals (if not included in registration).  He will discuss with the participant(s) the estimate before booking: students presenting at the same conference will be expected to share rooms, where possible. Students should arrange a meeting with Vice Provost Donahue well in advance of the presentation and arrangements.

Personal expenses or additional expenses beyond the conference will not be covered.

Vice Provost Donahue will organize funds from the student’s major department(s) and college(s), including Honors College, where applicable, as well as from the new Undergraduate Research Fund and the Provost’s Office. The goal is for the University to cover all expenses, but the student should be prepared to share some costs if necessary, especially in cases of international travel.

Students cannot receive an advance on funds, but can seek reimbursement of advance payments made for travel or registration fees. Proof of payment is always required. Receipts are required for all reimbursements.

Upon return, the student is required to complete, with Vice Provost Donahue’s assistance, an expense report with full documentation (all bills and original receipts). No reimbursement can take place without itemized receipts, which are reviewed carefully.

In return for research funding, students will be asked to provide photographs of their research presentation and travel, as possible, and to present their research and travel on Undergraduate Research Day and / or in Hofstra Horizons of Undergraduate Research.