Best Practices for

Small Gatherings

No Party

Even outdoors, COVID-19 can – and has - spread during social occasions. Where spread has occurred on other campuses, and even closed campuses, it has often been around off-campus gatherings. Here are some specific ways to keep your social gatherings as safe and healthy as possible.

  • Always gather outside.
  • Gatherings at private homes – both inside and outdoors (yards) are limited to 10 people, per NYS regulations.
  • Set up tables or chairs in advance. Mark spaces to keep your friends more than 6 feet apart.
  • When you’re moving around the space, even outdoors, keep your mask on.
  • Eat or drink only in outdoor spaces, when seated, so you’ll remain physically distanced.
  • Set up any food or drink to allow for one person at a time to serve themselves. Wear masks when serving yourself.
  • Always mask before going inside and go inside only to use the restroom.
  • If you have to go inside for any other reason, remain masked and physically distanced.
  • Moving from house to house increases your exposure exponentially, even if each household is small in number. Keep your gathering small and local.

Remember, being vigilant and following best practices is the best way to remain safe. Before hosting, plan how to keep your friends physically distanced so we can continue to socialize in small groups.

Stay #HofstraStrong