Student Affairs

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

The Division of Student Affairs has many Graduate Assistant positions throughout each department. These positions allow students to learn useful life skills, interact with other departments, and help earn money while working towards a degree. Both hourly and stipend positions are offered, though each position is different and compensation varies by office. If you have any questions, please email

Graduate Assistant (Hourly Compensation)

A graduate assistant is a student employment position that includes as compensation an hourly wage, as specified by the hiring department. All matriculated Hofstra graduate students pursuing a graduate degree are eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship.

Graduate Assistants are appointed on a semester basis

  • Fall appointments will commence on the specified appointment begin date and end December 31st
  • Spring appointments will commence on or after January 1st and end on the specified end date, which may be no later than June 30th


Compensation for these positions varies by office. 

Positions will be listed here as they become available.