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Center for Academic Excellence Events

Step up to Success with our Group Workshops!

The Center for Academic Excellence offers workshops to provide undergraduate students with the tools they need to succeed in college. In addition to programs scheduled throughout the academic semesters, the CAE works with student clubs and organizations on campus, as well as faculty who teach undergraduate courses, to host group workshops by request. Those interested in requesting a group workshop can suggest a specific topic or choose from the workshops listed below. Simply fill out the request form and a CAE representative will be in contact to confirm availability. All requests must be submitted by the second week of the semester in which the workshop will be given. If you have questions, contact the CAE at cae[at]hofstra.edu or (516) 463-2000.

Group Workshops

PRIDE Priorities: Time Management
Students will learn how to effectively create a comprehensive list of all their course assignments and responsibilities as well as how to build a balanced, functional weekly schedule. Don’t forget to bring your syllabi!

Study Hacks: Work Smarter
Sometimes the best solution is to go back to the basics! Learn simple organizational strategies and walk away with effective planning tools that you can use for your study sessions. We will also review techniques that promote active learning so you can “work smarter” and save time in the long-run!

How to Survive on a College Budget
If you find that your books cost more than you thought, you spend more money than expected on miscellaneous expenses and socializing with friends, or you wonder if the money you have will last the semester, this workshop will likely benefit you. We’ll offer helpful tips on basic budgeting and financial goal-setting so you can boost your financial success along with your GPA.

Stress Management
Feeling overwhelmed or burnt out? Stressed about exams? This workshop will focus on various aspects of stress management, including organization and tips for de-stressing in a healthy manner. We will conclude with a meditation session guided by a licensed psychologist from Student Counseling Services.

Study Hacks: Textbooks & Notes
If you tend to “zone out” when you read your textbooks or you can’t seem to understand what you wrote in your lecture notes, we can help! Learn about different strategies that will improve your reading and note-taking skills and cut down your study time.

Time to be Real:  How Are You Doing in Your Classes?
Are you are doing as well in your courses as you “want” or “need” to be doing?  If not, let’s discuss common or unique pitfalls that may be getting in the way of your success. We’ll come up with potential solutions that can get you back on track and have you feeling better about your situation.  See how we can help you now and eliminate the “should have” and “could have” later!

Put Your Mind(set) to It! How to Achieve New Heights
If you feel like you’ve reached a point in college where certain academic challenges feel too difficult to overcome, it may be time to change your mindset. We will show you how a growth mindset can lead to new, undiscovered success and discuss strategies you can implement into your daily lives to feel like no goal is unattainable!

Academic Anxiety:  How to Better Cope with Taking Tests and Communicating with Your Instructors
Many students waste valuable study time worrying about how they will be tested or fear that they will go blank when they first glance at an exam. Some students find their professors to be intimidating and avoid what could be helpful interactions. This workshop will show you ways to alleviate academic-related anxiety and perform better in your courses.

R U Prepared to Communicate as a Professional?
Do you present your best self when interacting with others?  Thanks to technology, we communicate less face-to-face and more through other means. Learn about the essentials in both written and verbal communication etiquette that withstand the test of time!

Group Communication and Conflicts
Teamwork is one of the skills valued most by employers, but we all know that working with a group can sometimes be a challenge. We will discuss strategies to help you effectively communicate in a group setting and ways to manage group conflict so you can impress your future boss!

Building Effective Study Groups
Want to form a study group but aren’t sure where to start? Have you been assigned a group project for one of your courses? In this workshop, we will cover the essential components of effective study and work groups. From recruiting participants to assigning individual roles and clarifying expectations, you will learn what is needed for everyone to be successful.

Study Hacks: Prepare for Finals
Preparing for finals week requires everything from time management and study skills to healthy life habits. In this workshop, we highlight strategies from a variety of our workshops that help you stay balanced and on track during the busiest time of the semester.