Student Success Connect


In the summer of 2017 Hofstra launched the Student Success CONNECT (SSC), a system that uses predictive analytics, real-time data, consulting and networking to help advisors recognize and intervene with students in need of support. Professional advisors and faculty in each college tested the platform over the summer and additional features released in subsequent semesters, with additional users joining each semester.
Benefits to CONNECT include:

  • Visibility into student risk. With real time, in-semester data on student behavior, CONNECT enables Hofstra to identify levels of student risk based on patterns of course-taking and achievement by students. We are able to focus, coordinate and integrate student support and help students make good decisions—before they may even realize they need assistance.
  • Shared Quick access. Critical information and an intuitive interface saves faculty and advisors time, allowing them to quickly address the problem at hand.
  • More effective advising. The system’s data alerts and problem identification prompt meaningful conversations with students and encourage follow-through.
  • Improved utilization of support services. The system provides guidance for students to the appropriate support services— such as tutoring, financial aid or career counseling—which can sometimes be difficult to navigate.