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Center for University Advising
Prepare for Registration

Resources for New Transfer Students

Financial Aid
2nd Floor Memorial Hall

Hofstra Card Services
110 Student Center

Public Safety (Parking Sticker)
Corner of California Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike

Health and Wellness Center (provide your health forms & immunization records)
Republic Hall (North Campus)
You can fax forms to: 516-463-5161

Residence Life
244 Student Center

Post Registration "To Do" List for New Transfer Students

The New Transfer form you received at your advising session is a provisional document based upon all the information Hofstra has received about you so far. If not all official transcripts from your previous school have been received, the final determination of credits may ultimately change. It is therefore important that during the beginning of the semester you do the following:

  1. Check regularly on your portal (Hofstra Online -> Student Records -> transcripts) to see that your transfer credits have become official.  You will see "TR" (transferred) instead of "TU" (transfer unofficial) and credit hours will be applied once your official transcript is received.  Check with the Admissions Office if the credits are not posted, and if necessary, contact your old school(s) to arrange for the transcripts to be sent.
  2. Your Degree Audit is a listing of all of the requirements for your major, and tells you how your previous and current courses are meeting those requirements. The degree audit is only as accurate as the information in its database. Therefore, make sure that 1) your intended major is reflected on your degree audit (if not, you may run a "what-if" degree audit until you can file a change of major form) and 2) that your credits are appropriately applied. Make a habit of checking your degree audit after you have registered, but before the semester begins, so you can be sure that the courses you registered for are appropriate and are meeting requirements. To learn more about your degree audit, your map toward graduation, please visit the Degree Audit web page.
  3. Be sure to meet with your Advising Dean well before the rush of pre-registration time. Registration begins in March for fall semester, and in October for Spring semester.  Check your portal under "Registration" for your assigned registration time.  If you have a major, also contact the appropriate department to be assigned a faculty advisor, and make an appointment with him/her. Bring a print-out of your degree audit with you at that time.
  4. Read the Hofstra University Undergraduate Bulletin online for your catalog year (the year you entered Hofstra). Here you will find all of Hofstra's policies, degree requirements, and course descriptions. 
  5. At Hofstra, all changes to your academic program (drop/add, withdrawals, etc.) must be filed with the Office of Student Financial Services. Simply ceasing to attend a class will not automatically withdraw you from class.
  6. You must make arrangements to take the Writing Proficiency Exam as soon as possible. Passage of this essay exam is a graduation requirement for all undergraduates, and if you delay taking the test you can hold up completion of your degree. Information on the scheduled exam times can be obtained from the Writing Center in Mason Hall (516-463-5252).
  7. Foreign language: If your degree has a foreign language requirement and you intend to study a language taken in high school or previously spoken, you should take the language proficiency test in Calkins Hall to determine what level to register for.  Credit will not be awarded for courses below the level of your placement.  If you have credit from a previous college (not taken in a high school)  for an equivalent language at Hofstra, you may register for the next level of that language.  You may also choose to fulfill the requirement by electing the Special Language Option.  Please see your Advising Dean and refer to the complete language policy for 2012-2013 and prior years or 2013-1014 and years after.  

The staff of the Center for University Advising is always happy to help with your questions. We are here to assist you.

Prepare for Registration