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Center for University Advising
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Staff Members

University Advising - Memorial Hall

101 Memorial Hall
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  • Marc Oppenheim Marc Oppenheim
    Dean for Center for University Advising
  • Christina Cacioppo Bertsch Christina Cacioppo Bertsch
    Associate Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team
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  • Jennifer Boscarino-Green Jennifer Boscarino-Green
    Senior Associate Dean and Director of Strategic Outreach and Retention Initiatives
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  • Bert Binder Bert Binder
    Associate Dean the Business and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team
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  • Ellen Miller Ellen Miller
    Associate Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health Team
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  • Matthew L. Hickling Matthew L. Hickling
    Senior Assistant Dean of University Advising
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  • Varinia Grannum Varinia Grannum
    Assistant Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health
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  • Ashley Gray Ashley Gray
    Assistant Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health Team
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  • Edili Lopez Edili Lopez
    Assistant Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team
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  • Rachel Peel-Macandrew Rachel Peel-Macandrew
    Associate Dean of The Student-Athlete Advising Team
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  • Marianne Nargentino Marianne Nargentino
    Assistant Dean the Business and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team
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  • Anthony Porcelli Anthony Porcelli
    Assistant Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team
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  • Jennifer Tepper Gina Sandoval
    Assistant Dean of the Business and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team
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  • Kimberly Sloan Kimberly Sloan-Montalvo
    Assistant Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team
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  • Michelle Spaterella Michelle Spaterella
    Assistant Dean of The Student-Athlete Advising Team
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  • Liz Babinecz Liz Babinecz
    Assistant Director of the Strategic Outreach and Retention Initiatives
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  • Alison Warner Alison Warner
    Assistant Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health Team
  • Mary Etienne Mary Etienne
    Associate Director of the Strategic Outreach and Retention Initiatives
  • Monica Schauss Monica Schauss
    Assistant Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health Team
  • Tyler Rock Tyler Rock
    Graduate Assistant

Support Staff

  • Marilyn Vekas Marilyn Vekas
    Senior Assistant of University Advising
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University Advising - Physical Education Center

  • Rachel Peel-Macandrew Rachel Peel-Macandrew
    Associate Dean of The Student-Athlete Advising Team
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  • Michelle Spaterella Michelle Spaterella
    Assistant Dean of The Student-Athlete Advising Team
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Anne Mongillo, Dean, University Advisement

I’m excited to be starting my 6th year at Hofstra in the Center for University Advisement. All my life, I have felt connected to college campuses and always knew in my heart that I would spend my career working with students in some capacity. I love watching students grow and learn!

Before coming to Hofstra, I served as an advisor and administrator at Columbia University for nearly a decade. My responsibilities included academic advising and building relationships and learning opportunities with Harlem community based organizations.

Throughout my career in higher education, I have dedicated myself to building strong connections between faculty, students and the wider community, serving student success through commitment to open, honest communication.

I hold a MA in Administration and Policy Studies in Education from McGill University, a Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies from Concordia University in Montreal and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Connecticut.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live and work in Canada, China and Germany. Pottery is a passion of mine as is my family – husband David and son Jacob.


Christina Cacioppo Bertsch, Associate Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

I feel grateful to be a part of the Center for University Advising team. It is a privilege to work with Hofstra students each day and to guide them in their journey.

The last 15 years of my career have focused on advising students in various capacities. I previously worked as the Director of Disability Services at Fordham University and as a private college advisor assisting high school students. I am the co-author of the award winning book Life After High School: A Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Families which serves as a resource for students, families and educators.

I grew up in Suffolk County, Long Island where I currently reside with my husband and two daughters. I attended Boston College and earned my undergraduate degree in Human Development and my masters in Pastoral Ministry. I lived in California post-college and participated in a year-long program called the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. where I was “ruined for life.” I went on to lead high school and college students on mission and immersion experiences in El Salvador, Ecuador, and Mexico.

I have a special interest in issues of social justice, as well as in teaching organizational and time management skills and studying the impact they have on students’ college success. I am considering applying for my doctorate in Higher Education. In my free time I love to play soccer, bike ride, cook and eat!


Pilar Barreto (Maria P. Barreto), Assistant Dean, University Advisement
B.A. Romance Languages and Literatures, Harvard College
M.A. Higher Education, University of Michigan

Worked in Advisement since January 2012

Pilar is originally from Puerto Rico, and grew up in a bicultural home. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she taught middle and high school English and Spanish in the States and Puerto Rico. She truly enjoyed teaching, but was eager to return to a university setting and work with older students. This led her to pursue a master's in higher education. While in graduate school, she developed a deep interest in issues of access and retention of underrepresented and under resourced students, and in the growing importance of community colleges for many individuals in the United States. She also had the opportunity to mentor student athletes, which inspired her to seek a position in academic advising.

As an advisement dean with the Center for University Advisement, she is a member of the Pre-Professional Advising team. The loves working with students of all backgrounds and helping them navigate the pre-law and pre-health application process. However, she has not given up on being in the classroom; she teaches beginning levels of Spanish at Hofstra. She is grateful for the opportunity to wear many hats and work with students inside and outside the classroom.


Bert Binder, Associate Dean the Business and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

Bert joined the Hofstra community in January 2010. As the Associate Dean of Advisement, he co-manages various office functions and transfer efforts that include a cohesive network of peers, staff and faculty who provide academic advising and support services for the undergraduate student population. His goals are to help students ask informed questions about their academic career and get the most out of their college experience. Bert has worked in higher education since 1993, and prior to arriving at Hofstra served as an Associate Dean with the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University, as an Assistant Dean with the College of Business at Fordham University, and as the Coordinator of Student Advisement for the Department of Physical Therapy at New York University. Bert earned a MPA in Financial Management and a MA in Education Administration from NYU along with a BS in Business Administration from Fordham University. Outside of advising, Bert enjoys exploring his new hometown of Hempstead and cultivating the luxuriant plot of books on his “to read” shelf.


Matt Hickling, Sr. Assistant Dean, University Advisement

I have worked at Hofstra since 1983 when I was a graduate assistant in the disabled student office and the next year I started in the advisement office. As Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Advisement, I have worn many different hats which includes working with those in academic jeopardy, serving as pre-law advisor, representing the office in the academic records committee and currently I specialize in working as the liaison for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I hardly remember life before Hofstra and all these years in advisement allows me to use my knowledge of school policy, majors and career guidance to best serve the undergraduates the I see. Nothing gives me more pleasure than attending graduation each year and seeing students that I have mentored get their diploma.

I graduated from State University of Farmingdale with as Associate Degree in Applied Sciences and received for Bachelor of Science in Horticultural Therapy from Kansas State University. I attended Hofstra University where I got a Master’s Degree in Education in 1986.

I have lived Long Island all of my life-from Mineola to Garden City to Uniondale. I now live in Farmingdale with my wife, Cathy, and we have two sons Billy, and Thomas. My greatest pleasure in life is spending time with my family. I am a music lover and an avid reader and love historical biographies. I enjoy attending Broadway shows and as anyone who has seen my office knows, I am a lover of lighthouses.


Varinia Grannum, Assistant Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health Team

I am an Assistant Dean in the Center for University Advisement within the Division of Student Affairs and have worked at Hofstra since June 2013. Prior to joining the Center for University Advisement, I was a graduate student at Hofstra pursuing a Master of Science degree in Counseling, with a focus on college student development.

Before making the decision to pursue graduate studies, I was a Senior Program Officer at the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York. In this capacity I advised international students studying in the United States under the sponsorship of the J. William Fulbright scholarship and exchange program. After eight years in this position I decided to follow my own academic and career goals by earning a master’s degree. I completed my degree in May 2013.

As an Assistant Dean in the Center for University Advisement I utilize my counseling skills and my passion for helping students as they transition from high school seniors to college seniors. I help students choose appropriate courses based on their majors and interests. I also teach students how to clarify and develop their personal goals and in doing so, help them create and achieve success. I believe that my role is to help students find their potential and nurture it with intellectual and social experiences that will contribute to their development as students and as life-long learners.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children, reading (anything and everything!), and writing short fiction.


Ellen Miller, Associate Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health Team
PreHealth Advisor and Director of Premedical Certificate Program

I began career as a higher education administrator at Hofstra in 1987 in the financial aid office. During my tenure at Hofstra, I have held many different positions including Director of the Office of Part-time Student Services, Director of Undergraduate Business Advisement and Assistant Dean of the School of Communication. However, the majority of the time I have spent here is as the university’s chief PreHealth advisor and Associate Dean of the Center for University Advisement. I thoroughly enjoy working with and guiding highly motivated students interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. There is no greater pleasure than helping students achieve their goals and identify their life’s work.

I am proud Hofstra alum several times over. In 1987, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and subsequently earned a Master’s in School Counseling in 1989. I took time off from school to raise my two sons and then returned to school to complete my doctoral studies in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in January of 2013. From each degree, I have learned to expand my mind and beliefs and hone my communication and critical thinking skills.

Prior to working at Hofstra, I was employed at Adelphi University as an administrative assistant in the Dean of Students, Counseling, and Student Activities offices. It was there that I first feel in love with student affairs and knew I wanted to spend my life working with students in a higher educational setting.

I am married to my best friend, Al, and have two boys—James and Robert. James has given my precious grandchildren—James, Lily, and Ben, who is expected in April. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family and puppy, Hank. When I have free time, I enjoy cooking, reading and listening to music.


Marianne Nargentino, Assistant Dean the Business and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

I have been working at Hofstra since 2007 and prior to coming to Hofstra, I worked at LIU in Brooklyn. Prior to entering into higher education, I worked as a product manager at Seagram.

In my position in the Center for University Advisement, I try to convey to students the importance of educating oneself, hard work, and taking care of themselves in every capacity. The beauty of my position is the high volume of students whose lives I can impact, enhance, and guide from orientation through graduation. Working with young people at the start of their adult lives and witnessing first hand their potential and growth, is the best job in the world.

A proud Hofstra alumni, I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology. I received my M.S. in School Counseling from NYIT and my M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hofstra. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and reading.


Danielle Robin, Assistant Dean, University Advisement
B.A. Economics, Binghamton University
MS Ed, Counseling, Hofstra University

Worked in Advisement at Hofstra since: January, 2008

Throughout my college and post college experience I have always been drawn to working with and helping people. Although I had a sense of where my passion lay, it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had various jobs and internships in television, business, entertainment, health care and in tutoring/teaching. What I came to learn I enjoyed and valued the most were the times when I acted as an advisor and counselor to my peers and students. This realization led me to my current position here at Hofstra.

My advice to new and current students is to be true to yourself. I would encourage everyone to follow their passion by both gaining hands on experience and speaking with people in your areas of interest. I have found in life that nothing quite compares to hands on experience to help one figure out what they truly like and dislike.


Gina Sandoval, Assistant Dean of the Business and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

What I love about Advising The best part of my job is seeing the transformation students undergo throughout their college experience. For many, this may be the first time they are away from home. They may be scared and unsure as to how college works, what they want to major in, or to whom to turn to for help. I pride myself on being that resource that students can turn to for guidance and assistance throughout their Hofstra stay.

Eventually, before you know it that scared and timid student is now completing a graduation check, talking about internships and job opportunities, and preparing for life after Hofstra. It is those moments that make my job truly worthwhile.

As your Advisement Dean, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you regularly to help you accomplish your personal and academic goals. Although I may not have all the answers, you can be assured I will make every effort to help you find it!


Ashley Gray, Assistant Dean the of science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Health Team

A native of Pennsylvania, I have found my home here on Long Island. I graduated from Hofstra with both my Bachelor of Arts in English Publishing (2008) and my Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (2011). I have been at the University since fall 2004, and have been working here from the very beginning!

I was first a Student Aide in the Center for University Advisement from fall 2004 – spring 2008 and then a Graduate Assistant for the Center from August 2008 – June 2009. The summer of 2009 I helped to develop and launch Student Leadership and Activities’ Discovery Program as the Graduate Coordinator and was then their Graduate Assistant from September 2009 – May 2011. My first professional job at Hofstra was as the Assistant Director of Community Service and Leadership Development in Student Leadership and Activities from July 2011 – January 2014.

In January 2014 I transitioned to my current position as Assistant Dean in the Center for University Advisement. I work mostly with Pre-Health students, but I have students in all Hofstra’s different colleges in my cohort! I help guide them in what classes to take, what major they may be interested in, ensure they are aware of Hofstra policy and procedures, and just generally answer any and all questions they have. As a Pre-Health advisor I also help plan and oversee our Pre-Health programming including our Health Professions Scholars Program.

Back when I was a student, I was Editor-in-Chief of Hofstra's arts and literature magazine, Font, and was also named College Volunteer of the Year by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Ashley's involvement with the Center for University Advisement as both an undergraduate and graduate student led her to discover her passion for higher education and for helping students throughout their college careers. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys the simple pleasures of life: laughing, the ocean, cantaloupe, and the stars.


Edili Lopez, Assistant Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

I started working at Hofstra in May 2016. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Finance at King’s College in  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and my Master of Public Administration from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Prior to joining the Center for University Advising, I worked as a residence hall director at Eastern Connecticut State University working primarily with first-year students. My responsibilities included staff supervision, programming, judicial hearings, and overall fostering positive relationships with students.  During my time at Eastern, I worked with the Dean of Students Office, Center for Internship and Career Development, and Academic Advising Office. Being able to have these experiences sparked my interest with wanting to work in advising and providing students with the academic resources that they need to be successful during their college experience.

I’m very excited to start my new journey at Hofstra and be able to continue my passion with working with all students as they are making important decisions about their future.


Jennifer Boscarino-Green, Sr. Associate Dean, University Advisement

I started at Hofstra in 1996 and have served in several capacities as a student affairs professional. I have been fortunate to work with all areas of campus life throughout the years. I attended a large state university as an undergraduate and a mid-size private institution for graduate work. My experiences as an undergraduate led me to pursue a graduate degree in higher education. I am a strong proponent of a liberal arts education. The knowledge that I acquired along with the life skills I developed have prepared me well for a successful career.

I began at Hofstra as an academic advisor for first-year students who were still exploring academic majors. My role included programming for new students, assisting with the acclimation to campus life. For the next 10 years I continued to coordinate programs for first-years, transfers and families. Now I have re-joined the Advisement team to continue the efforts of providing academic support to all students.

As the senior associate dean of University Advisement, I am able to connect with new students as early as orientation and work to support them through to graduation. I love working with students and feel rejuvenated every fall when the new incoming class joins the Hofstra family.

I majored in Urban and Public Policy, a social science interdisciplinary program, at the University at Buffalo. My graduate studies include a master of science in education in Counseling with a specialization in college student development from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus as well as a professional diploma in counseling from Hofstra. I am very proud to call myself an alum.

My husband and I enjoy raising our twins on Long Island.


Kimberly Sloan-Montalvo, Assistant Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

I came to Hofstra in January 2014. When I was fresh out of my BA program at SUNY New Paltz, I started working at a youth and community service agency on Long Island. I worked there for over 11 years, developing educational, community service, counseling and recreational programs that focused on creating positive outlets and alternatives for youth. Once I earned my MS in school counseling at Long Island University, I worked in middle and high schools. My favorite part of each of those roles has been the opportunity to assist students in the process of maximizing his or her potential. At Hofstra, that still remains true!

Students at Hofstra can come to me for anything that they have questions about in their college career. I can help students develop their academic plan and connect them with a wide variety of additional resources to make the most of all that their Hofstra education can provide.

On a beautiful day, I gravitate toward outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking. Otherwise, I enjoy doing crafts and reading. My husband and I love to travel and we have taken a few roadtrips, including a month-long trip across the country and back!


Michelle Spatarella, Assistant Dean of The Student-Athlete Advising Team

I have been a member of the Hofstra community for over 20 years. I actually started as a teenager working as a Recreation Counselor in the Hofstra Summer Camp Program. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as an undergraduate while working in various departments on campus as an undergraduate assistant. I joined the CUA advisement team from 2001-2006, while attending graduate school and obtaining a Master of Science degree in Counseling. Taking a brief break from Hofstra, I worked as a guidance counselor in my hometown for a few years but couldn't stay away for too long! Back for almost 5 years now, I recently completed a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and work part-time with a group in private practice.

Working solely with NCAA Division 1 student-athletes here at Hofstra, my assigned teams are Baseball, Men's Cross Country, Women's Cross Country, Men's Golf, Women's Golf Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis, and Volleyball.  A crucial role in our office is to monitor students’ academic eligibility and progress towards degree per Hofstra an NCAA rules and regulations.  I enjoy my daily interactions with students, faculty, coaches, and Hofstra colleagues. Most of all, I look forward to working one-on-one with international students and helping all student-athletes navigate their way throughout their Hofstra career.


Danielle Wyck, University Advisement 107 Student Center

I joined the Hofstra community in summer 2014, and it has proven to be the perfect fit for my student-centered self! Prior to becoming a member of the Center for University Advisement team, I worked in Residential Life at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the University of Hartford, Brown University, and the University of Rhode Island.

As an Advisement Dean, I help students navigate their Hofstra experience both in and out of the classroom. I take great pride in advocating for students, and connecting them to resources that will make sure they are successful at Hofstra and beyond.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Purchase College, and my master’s degree in College Student Personnel from the University of Rhode Island.

When I’m not helping students and their families at Hofstra I love to tap dance, cook, and spend time with my family and two cats. I will never pass up the opportunity to explore somewhere new, and some of my recent adventures have taken me to Paris, Tokyo and Kyoto, and Hawaii.


Catherine Zonsky, Assistant Dean, University Advising

I began my career in Higher Education at Hofstra in April 2012. Higher Education was a career change for me and I spent the prior ten years working in the financial industry in an administrative capacity and as a project manager in Learning and Development. I had an assistantship during graduate school with the Social Planning and Events Committee which planned many of the large scale events on campus.

In my role at Hofstra I provide guidance to the students in my cohort on a variety of fronts. Primarily I advise my students on academic matters such as registering for classes, declaring a major and fulfilling requirements for graduation. I also work with the incoming transfer population to determine what requirements their incoming credits will fulfill as well as register them for classes. Our office provides informational sessions throughout the year on topics such as registration, study abroad and majors and minors.

I received my B.A. in English with a double major in Literature and Creative Writing from Fairfield University and my M.S. in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania. In my spare time I enjoy working out, traveling and volunteering. I work with Lorraine J. Cotton.


Florence Mary Marcantonio

I began working for Hofstra in 1998, in the School of Education. After five years my position changed to Senior Assistant to the Office of Freshman Advancement, and Director of the Orientation Program. After four years I moved to the Office of Advisement and I’m in my 18th year at Hofstra.

Going back in time my husband and I married, bought a home, moved to Long Island and adopted two children. When our daughter Cathy started first grade at Holy Family School, I began subbing for the teachers. In 1979 I went back to school to earn my Computer Science Certification. I was asked by the Principal to start a computer program at Holy Family and spent 17 years teaching third through eighth grade, created the syllabus, and taught typing, word processing and computer programing on Apple computers.

Hofstra is a wonderful place to work. I love helping the students and seeing them grow from freshman to seniors. One of my jobs besides being the office manager, is to assist students when they need help and direct them to the people who can help them. I feel privileged to work with an amazing group of people. Working at Hofstra is very fulfilling and I am proud to be a part of the Hofstra Community.

Our family grew up in Brooklyn and I am the oldest of six children. We are a close family and spend most holidays’ together. Nick and I have a daughter Cathy who is married to Patrick and a son Nicholas. We spent their young lives travelling the country in our camper with lots of happy memories. Our children are our first greatest accomplishment, we are so proud of them. After 45 years, I still teach Religious Education to eight grade students, I’m an extraordinary minister, lector, and a Lay Order Carmelite. Besides our children, our second greatest accomplishment was celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year.


Marilyn Vekas

I began my Hofstra career  in January of 1991 the Center for Part-Time Studies. In that office, we assisted non-traditional students with advisement, registration and other student support services.

In 2004 when the Part-Time studies office was closed, I began working in the Center for University Advisement. To date, I am a Sr. Assistant of Advisement at the front desk assisting students with questions about their schedules, setting up appointments, acting as liason with departments and deal with frustrated parents who are just looking for help with their children.

Prior to working at Hofstra, I was a secretary in a podiatrist’s office for two years while raising my two sons.

I live in Levittown with my husband Alex and two puppies, Whiskey and Peanut.


Rachel Peel-McAndrew, Associate Dean of The Student-Athlete Advising Team

Associate Dean, Center for University Advisement
202 Shuart Stadium

Transplanted from Yorkshire, England I have been at Hofstra from January 2003 as both a graduate student and member of the Center for University Advisement team. As former head of the University Tutorial Program, current CUA Associate Dean and Certification Officer for NCAA Division 1 student-athletes, I continue to wear many hats within the Division of Student Affairs. I have a true passion and drive to see students reach their fullest potential and work collaboratively to help them get there. Although I oversee academics for all teams, the designated teams I work with are Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Men's Lacrosse, Women's Lacrosse, Softball, Field Hockey, and Wrestling.

Prior to Hofstra I worked in the investment banking arena for AVP Equity Capital Markets where I worked internationally and also lived in Manhattan.  Switching gears to higher education may have been a bigger culture shock than moving to The United States. Working as a graduate assistant, I began my Hofstra career and found my new home, while earning my first degree, a Master of Science in Physical Education.  After working at the university for a few years, I pursued and completed a Master of Science degree in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies.

While overseeing and implementing academic resources in the Fried Center I work closely with faculty, administration, coaches, and compliance officers to ensure the academic integrity of our student-athletes here at Hofstra.


Anthony Porcelli, Assistant Dean of the Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

Assistant Dean, Center for University Advising

I am now in my third position at Hofstra University and could not be more excited to work towards enhancing the student experience at an amazing community oriented institution of higher education. My service at Hofstra has included working as the Resident Director of Liberty and Republic Hall, then transitioning to the Resident Director of The Netherlands and now as an Assistant Dean with the Center for University Advising. I am so excited to be a part of a team who is striving to incorporate new and exciting ways to foster student learning and self-governance.

Prior to beginning work at Hofstra, I attended the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. There I obtained a B.A. in History and a M.S.Ed in Secondary Social Studies. I first began working in Student Affairs as a Resident Assistant. A role which I held for three years. I was also a Graduate Residence Coordinator for the Department of Housing and Residence Life while attending graduate school.

I am originally from Queens, New York and am the child of immigrant parents. As one of the first in my family to go to college I have been fortunate to experience the importance of the influence of University faculty and staff on their students and in turn want to give back the kindness I have been shown.


Daniela Di Maria

Assistant Dean, Center for University Advising

I am so happy to be at Hofstra in the Center for University Advising! It has been an amazing journey to get here but I made it! Working with college students has always been a goal of mine and I have had the opportunity to watch many grow and flourish in all aspects of their lives.

Before coming to Hofstra, I served as an advisor at Union County College in New Jersey and worked specifically for the Educational Opportunity Fund Program. My responsibilities included academic, financial, and personal advising for students who come from educationally and economically disadvantage backgrounds.  It was more than a job, but a passion to build relationships with the students that fostered positive transformations they may have never thought possible. I am committed to bringing this same passion to Hofstra students and assisting them in realizing their dreams.

I hold a MA in Counseling from The College of New Jersey and a BA in Italian from Rutgers University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of New Jersey and am also a National Certified Counselor.


Liz Babinecz, Assistant Director of the Strategic Outreach and Retention Initiatives

I am excited to join the Hofstra community as a member of the Center for University Advising team. After professional experience in Career Development Services at CUNY Hunter College and, most recently, as a high school counselor, I am happy that I get to continue to advise students in my role as Assistant Director of Strategic Outreach and Retention. I am looking forward to helping students to make the most of their college experience, and to assist them in reaching their academic goals.

As a native of Long Island, I am excited to begin working here at Hofstra! I hold a BA in Social Science from Providence College, and an MS Ed. in School Counseling from CUNY Hunter College. In my spare time, I enjoy concerts, cooking, going to the beach, and traveling the country on road trips.


Tyler Rock

Graduate Assisstant

Tyler joined the Hofstra community in Fall 2017 to pursue his master's degree in the Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies program. He received his bachelor's degree in psychology at Binghamton University in May 2017. Tyler's passion for student affairs sparked from the various leadership positions he held in his undergraduate career such as a, resident assistant, orientation advisor, returning orientation advisor, and student conduct board member. He is so excited to be working in the Center for University Advising where he hopes his positive attitude makes an impact on every person he meets! Tyler is also very passionate about where he grew up and currently resides, Brooklyn, NY, as well as all types of music!


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