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Center for University Advising
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Academic Advising Organization

Dean for Center for University Advising


Marc Oppenheim

The Dean of the Center for University Advising provides strategic leadership, program development, and administration of a comprehensive general advising center serving undergraduate and pre-professional students. The Dean is a member of the Division of Student Affairs leadership team and is committed to supporting student success, enhancing academic preparation, and cultivating among students the self-reflection and competencies that lead to personally and academically satisfying experiences. The Dean leads the department of 20 professional staff in three main areas: Student Outreach and Retention Initiatives, Undergraduate Academic Advising, and Student Athlete Advising. Partnering with faculty and academic departments to facilitate Hofstra's dual advising model, the Dean serves as a champion, advocate, role model, and mentor for Hofstra students.

The Dean also provides academic advising for students who are pursuing BS degrees in the Herbert School of Communications.

Strategic Outreach and Retention Initiatives


Jennifer Boscarino-Green,
Senior Associate Dean/Director


Mary Etienne,
Associate Director


Liz Babinecz,
Assistant Director

This team leads the development and implementation of retention initiatives for undergraduate students. They work closely with the other CUA teams and campus colleagues to develop and maintain communications campaigns, registration processes, grade review, scholarship review, orientation registration processes, and other CUA practices.

This team also provides academic advising for students majoring in the Performing Arts, and undecided students in the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS).

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Advising Deans provide academic advising for undergraduate students around academic policies, course registration and academic planning, and major exploration. They serve as guides and facilitators for students during their academic experiences and connect them to faculty and their academic departments.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and Health Team

This team provides academic advising for students majoring in programs within the School of Health Professions and Human Services, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and School of Natural Sciences within the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  They also advise students interested in pursuing medical school or graduate work in the allied health professions.


Ellen Miller,
Associate Dean


Matthew Hickling,
Senior Assistant Dean


Varinia Grannum,
Assistant Dean


Alison Warner,
Assistant Dean

Monica Shauss

Monica Shauss,
Assistant Dean


Ashley Gray,
Assistant Dean

Business and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

This team provides academic advising for students majoring in programs within the Zarb School of Business, and some majors the Kalikow School for Government, Public Policy and International Studies (Economics, Global Studies, and Geography).


Bert Binder,
Associate Dean


Marianne Nargentino,
Assistant Dean


Gina Sandoval,
Assistant Dean




Communications and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) Team

This team provides academic advising for students pursuing

  • BA degrees within Herbert School of Communication
  • Majors within the School of Education
  • Majors in the Kalikow School of Government, Public Policy and International Affairs (Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology)
  • Majors the School of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts (Comparative Literature and Languages, English, Fine Arts, Design, Art History, Rhetoric, Romance Languages and Literatures, Writing Studies)

Christina Cacioppo Bertsch,
Associate Dean


Edili Lopez,
Assistant Dean


Tony Porcelli,
Assistant Dean


Kimberly Sloan-Montalvo,
Assistant Dean


The Student-Athlete Advising Team

This team advises student-athletes in all majors.


Rachel Peel-McAndrew,
Associate Dean


Michelle Spaterella,
Assistant Dean


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