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Admissions Process | Pre-Law Advisement
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Admissions Process

The Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools, published by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), lists the following as the criteria used most by law schools in evaluating prospective students.

The first decision a prospective law school student must make has to do with the timing of their application. Applicants need to decide whether they wish to enter law school directly after graduation, or if they would prefer to take time off between college and law school. Once you decide on an application time, start focusing on your options regarding law school: should you live on campus or stay home? Which school is the best for your interest and which schools are known for their excellence in the field that you want to pursue? Start exploring law school websites and request information from schools that match your interests. Another question to consider is: which schools are within your application range? Grade-point-average and test scores are the best indicators for applicants who are trying to determine which schools are within their application range. The Law School Admission Council lets you search for schools based on your GPA and LSAT score. (Click on the link "LSAC Data Search"). You can insert your numbers and see how every law school evaluated last year's applicants with your combination.

Criteria used most by law schools in evaluating prospective students

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