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Community Standards

Community Standards for Organizations


All groups that fail to gain recognition are unable to gain access to any University facilities and services in the name of the group. This extends to participation in intramural and recreational programs under the name of the unrecognized group or under a pseudonym where 50 percent of the individuals are members of an unrecognized group. In this case, the director of recreation and intramural sports shall disband the team and disqualify it from further competition. Actions that will result in being charged as an unrecognized group include but are not limited to:

  1. Wearing or displaying the insignia, name or crest of the unrecognized organization.
  2. Affiliating the group with Hofstra University or using Hofstra's name or brand without Hofstra's written permission either in literature, on the internet, or with an outside source (i.e., restaurant, catering establishment, etc.).
  3. In-taking new members, initiating, receiving or recruiting new members into the unrecognized group.
  4. Utilizing University services in the name of an individual or group for use by the unrecognized group.

Participating as a member of a group that has been denied official recognition by the University, suspended by the University, or that has never sought recognition from the University is a violation of University policy.

  1. Wearing or displaying the insignia, name, crest or other identifying symbol of the unrecognized group.
  2. Reorganizing an unrecognized group under an alias.
  3. In-taking, initiating, receiving and/or recruiting new members into an unrecognized group.
  4. Affiliating a group using Hofstra University's name, brand or likeness thereof.
  5. Utilizing Hofstra facilities or services for activities in support of an unrecognized group.