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International Student Affairs

Instructions to Apply For a Social Security Number

The Social Security Number (SSN) is a U.S. taxpayer identification number and is intended only for use in relation to employment in the U.S. International students who are authorized to work in the U.S. and have a job offer may apply for a SSN. The SSN does not represent permission to work, nor is it proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residence. Once you obtain a SSN, it is your number forever and may be used on future visits to the U.S. You should not have more than one SSN.

  1. Once you have been offered an on-campus job, ask your employer to fill out a Work Permit. Blank Work Permit forms can be downloaded by your employer from the Hofstra Portal.
  2. Request a Social Security letter from the International Student Affairs. To obtain this letter, please fill out a Letter Request Form. Submit your Letter Request and your original Hofstra Work Permit form to International Student Affairs.
  3. International Student Affairs will notify you when the letter is ready to be picked up. Then, take the work permit and the letter from International Student Affairs to the Student Employment office to request an additional letter verifying your employment.
  4. Complete the application for a SSN. Specific information about how to apply for a SSN is posted on the official Social Security Administration (SSA) website  and on Studyinthestates.gov.
  5. Apply for the SSN at a Social Security Administration (SSA) Office. The closest SSA office is located at 211 Station Road, Mineola, NY. You can take the Hofstra Shuttle to the Mineola Train Station and walk to the SSA office.
    * At the SSA Office: Ask for a receipt or a letter of verification indicating that you have applied for the SSN.
  6. Present the SSN receipt, and your immigration documents to Student Employment to complete paperwork necessary for employment. They will then verify your ability to work at this time and set you up on the payroll.
  7. Your Social Security Card will be mailed to the address indicated on your application within 2-4 weeks. Once you receive your card, you must present it to Student Employment.

Attention students in the School of Education!

Partaking in observation hours and student teaching at a local school is an integral part of many degrees within teacher education programs. In order to take part in these activities, New York State requires fingerprinting. Unfortunately, it cannot be done without a Social Security Number. The School of Education will request temporary Social Security Numbers for those students who do not have a Social Security Number for the purposes of completing the fingerprinting. Please visit the School of Education’s website for more information.

Driving directions to Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration
211 Station Road #5
Mineola, NY 11501

Via Meadowbrook Parkway:

  1. From the Hofstra main entrance: go left onto Hempstead Turnpike
  2. Merge onto the Meadowbrook Parkway North
  3. Exit at Old Country Road, toward Westbury/Mineola (west). EXIT M1
  4. Turn left on Old Country Road
  5. Turn right on 3rd Ave.
  6. Turn right onto station road
  7. SSA will be on the right

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Via Fulton Avenue and North Franklin Street:

  1. From the Hofstra main entrance: drive west on Fulton Avenue
  2. Turn Right on North Franklin Street
  3. Turn Left on Old Country Road
  4. Take the 1st right on to 3rd Avenue
  5. Turn right onto station road
  6. SSA will be on the right

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