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Hofstra's Student Government Association

SGA Committees

These are brief descriptions of the six standing committees of SGA

Appropriations- Chair: Timothy Grief
The Student Government Association receives a portion of the Student Activities Fee paid by full time undergraduate students each semester.  It is the job of the Appropriations Committee to allocate those funds to clubs and organizations underneath SGA.  The majority of the funds are allocated at the Bi-Annual Budget Weekends, occurring at the end of each semester.  Any additional funds are allocated at weekly Appropriations meetings throughout the semester.  Clubs requesting finances must sign up for these appropriations meetings and submit budget request paperwork that can be found here.

Email: sga_appropriations@pride.hofstra.edu
Club Relations- Chair: Brandon Crofts
Club Relations has undergone many changes in the past year, and will be continuing with this revamping process in the next year.  Club Relations is responsible for putting together Club Congresses, so that clubs can be as informed as possible as to the policies of SGA.  This committee's overall mission is to support clubs, helping them to grow, flourish, and sustain from year to year within the Hofstra Community. 

Email: sga_clubrelations[at]pride.hofstra.edu

Public Relations- Chair: Alex Labrie
The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the communications and image of SGA.  Public Relations coordinates SGA's monthly press releases, social media operations, and designs most of SGA's publications.  Furthermore, it also manages all media and press relations for SGA.  The Public Relations Committee's mission is to ensure accurate and consistent coverage of all SGA actions, communications, and happenings.  This committee aims to provide a transparent link between the University and SGA.

Email: sga_publicrelations[at]pride.hofstra.edu

Rules Committee- Chair: Carissa Ramirez
The Rules Committee is responsible for maintaining all active club constitutions and archiving all club constitutions, including those that have become inactive. The Rules Committee also sees legislation, referendum, and resolutions before they are presented to the full senate. Recently Rules has updated the club constitution template, making it clearer and more accessible than the previous version.  This year they are working hard to refurbish all active club constitutions.  If your club hasn't already done so, you must revise your Constitutions following the template that can be found here

Email: sga_rules[at]pride.hofstra.edu

Spirit Committee- Chair: Chelsea Tomasso
The Spirit Committee works with the Athletic Department, the Office of Student Leadership & Activities, the Greek community, and other clubs and organizations on campus to promote spirit and pride among Hofstra students.  Spirit coordinates SGA's involvement with campus events such as Fall Fest, Hofstra Celebrates the Holidays, and PRIDE Unleashed.

Current Projects are: Enhancing student participation at Athletic Events and overall pride on campus
Student Services Committee- Chair: Isabelle Schmidt
The Student Services Committee investigates and acts on suggestions from any student at Hofstra in an effort to improve the student experience on campus.  These concerns may include food, residential life, parking, financial aid, and other non-academic concerns faced by students.  Student Services monitors the Suggestions@Hofstra Facebook page so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post them there.