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Hofstra's Student Government Association

SGA Judicial Panel

The Student Government Association (SGA) Judicial Panel is the highest judicial body within the Student Government Association at Hofstra University and is comprised of five full-time undergraduate students elected by the student body. The Judicial Panel has original jurisdiction with issues between SGA and its consistory, two or more SGA Clubs, SGA and a SGA Club, a SGA Club and a student of Hofstra University, and Student Activities (enforcing an SGA policy) and a SGA Club or a student of Hofstra University. In addition, the Judicial Panel has appellate jurisdiction with issues between the Sports Board and a Sports Club, the Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council (IFSC) and Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), Multic-Cultural Fraternity and Sorority Council (MFSC), or the Panhellenic Association (PHC), and the Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council (IFSC), and any fraternity or sorority.