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Hofstra's Student Government Association

Hofstra is home to a large variety of clubs and organizations. Most of these organizations are funded by the Student Government Association. Participation in these organizations is greatly encouraged. If you have an interest that no club addresses, we welcome you to form a new club by following these simple steps.

How do I start a club?

We encourage all students with new and popular ideas to broaden the undergraduate experience at Hofstra. Forming a club is an excellent way to do this. To start a club, please follow these directions:

  1. Send an email to the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement to meet with a staff member to go over the process.
  2. Fill out a SGA Club Constitution (sample template here) which can be found in the SGA office.
  3. Collect at least 15 signatures, 700 numbers, and contact information of interested club members.
  4. You will be asked to fill out an online application and it will be reviewed to move forward to the university registration committee. The registration committee meets twice a semester to review potential student organizations and is chaired by the Associate Director of Student Leadership and Engagement.
  5. If approved by the registration committee, you are an official Hofstra University active club and can then reserve space in the Student Center through Events Management, hold events, get flyers approved, etc. You must register your organization on GetInvolvedHU for this to be solidified.
  6. Once registered with Hofstra, and if eligible for SGA status, you may then go before SGA's rules committee to become an SGA club:
    a. To become an SGA recognized club, you must attend a Rules Committee meeting (which meets weekly when classes are in session) with all of the necessary documents. Email sga_rules[at]pride.hofstra.edu for more information.
    b. Once passed by the Rules Committee, a representative from your club will be asked to attend the weekly SGA meeting, at which point your club will be voted on by the full Senate. If passed by full Senate, congratulations! You are now an SGA-recognized club.

How does my club maintain active status?

To receive funding and put on events, all SGA clubs must have an active status, determined by the Rules Committee. "Active" status is easy to obtain and requires the following:

  1. An accurate GetInvolvedHU profile, updated each year with current membership and information
  2. A constitution approved by the Rules Committee and Full Senate.
  3. A copy of the constitution on file in the SGA office. (Clubs should also keep a copy for themselves.)
  4. An active roster that includes 700 numbers for all members

Once the club is created, an election will need to be held in order to remain active. Clubs will need to hold elections as often as stated in the club constitution and will need to turn update their rosters and leadership positions regularly on GettingInvolvedHU.

How do clubs become inactive or defunct?

If a club does not have any of the above-mentioned requirements, it is considered an inactive club and will be deactivated, meaning the club may not receive any funding or hold events. Your organization can lose active status by not re-registering on GetInvolvedHU each semester. Reactivating your organization is possible but you must go back through the University Registration Committee. If a club is deactivated twice in one semester or remains inactive for more than three weeks, it is considered defunct.

How does my club hold proper elections?

A common problem clubs have is holding proper elections. In order to be valid, all club elections must have an SGA representative present. This allows SGA to ensure proper conduct during all elections, and aids clubs in providing an active Executive Board in order to be considered active. In order to hold proper elections, be sure that you submit the proper election form (to be obtained from the SGA office) at least 7 days in advance. While these steps may seem cumbersome, SGA employs them in the interest of fairness. Unfortunately, if not followed properly, elections will have to be held again. New elections may be held at any time pending SGA approval.
Contact sga_rules[at]pride.hofstra.edu to request an SGA representative be present at your club's election. Please give at least 7 business days notice.

What happens if we must impeach an officer?

If members of a club wish to impeach an officer, the Student Government Association Rules Committee Chairperson must be notified 48 hours before the impeachment process begins. Additionally, in order to be valid, a representative of the Rules Committee must be present at all impeachment meetings.