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Student Access Services

Accommodations for Distance Learning Courses

For all students who will be registering with Student Access Services, if you would like extended time for your placement exams, please provide your name, 700#, date of summer orientation you will be attending, how much extended time you received in high school and which language placement exam you will be taking to sas@hofstra.edu.

Accommodations for Distance Learning Courses will not be granted to students who have not submitted the appropriate registration materials and disability documentation to Student Access Services. Our application, self- disclosure form and disability documentation guidelines can be downloaded off our webpage. All completed paperwork can be faxed to 516-463-7070 or emailed to sas@hofstra.edu.

Distance Learning courses provide a unique challenge to both professor and student in regard to meeting testing accommodations. In general, any blackboard-driven exam is timed, but NOT ENFORCED. In other words, a student may complete an exam in the time allotted, including extended time, without being timed-out of the exam. The professor will be able to see the time it took for the student to complete the exam, thus ensuring that the student does not get credit for questions answered beyond the allotted additional time to which he/she is entitled. SAS staff is available to answer any of your questions pertaining to the satisfaction of these accommodations. Additionally, Paul Carson from Faculty Computing is also available to answer questions regarding blackboard testing at 3-4096.

Accommodations for Placement Exams

Placement Exams at Hofstra are generally taken in Math and a language. If you believe that you should be granted extended time for your placement exams, please fill out the required application for services and self-disclosure form found on our webpage and submit it along with your disability documentation to SAS. You can fax your paperwork to 516-463-7070, scan it and email it to sas@hofstra.edu or mail it to:
Student Access Services
107 Student Center
200 Hofstra University
Hempstead NY 11549

Once SAS receives your complete paperwork, we will be able to review your file for extended time on your placement exams. When you have been approved for accommodations, an email will be sent to your Hofstra PRIDE email account with instructions on how to access your extended time on blackboard. Please read all instructions carefully once you have entered the blackboard exam. Please remember that SAS is not responsible for providing accommodations if you have arrived at summer orientation without having made arrangements for accommodations. It is best to make arrangements with SAS in advance and take the placement exams online prior to coming to orientation. If you have problems with your blackboard exams with extended time, Paul Carson from Faculty Computing is available to answer questions at 516-463-4096. General login problems or Blackboard questions can be directed to contact the help desk at 516-463-7777. Additionally, Blackboard instructions were provided in a large folder by the Office of Student Leadership and Activities over the summer.

If you were exempted from foreign language in high school or do not wish to take the foreign language placement test because you think you may qualify for a foreign language substitution for your while at Hofstra, SSD will need your disability documentation for review. This should include Psychoeducational testing that indicates a language based learning disability, as well as proof that you were foreign language exempt in high school. Once SAS has this information for review, please call Mustapha Masrour at 516-463-5353. Being permitted to not take the foreign language placement test does NOT mean that you have been approved for a foreign language substitution. This approval process takes place once you are enrolled as a student. Foreign language exemption in high school does NOT guarantee that you will not have to take a foreign language at Hofstra. For additional information about this approval process, please contact SAS at 516-463-7075.