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GetInvolvedHU FAQ

What is GetInvolvedHU?
GetinvolvedJU is a database that chronicles student organization profiles, membership rosters, budgets, and events, as well as other engagement opportunities from around campus. 
All student clubs and organizations must be registered with updated information on GetInvolvedHU in order to be recognized within the university as a student group.   This includes fraternities and sororities, all SGA-sponsored organizations, sports clubs, academic and graduate student organizations.  A new registration period will be open to all student organizations at the start of each academic year where students will be required to update their organization profiles.  All club communication will be through GetInvolvedHU so ensure that you are checking the events, announcements, and opportunities posted daily!

Who needs to use GetInvolvedHU?
All student clubs and organizations will need to use GetInvolvedHU in order to be registered with the university as
a student group.  This includes fraternities and sororities, sports clubs, academic and graduate
student organizations. 
Why do I need to use GetinvolvedHU?
GetInvolvedHU is an incredible resource!  If interested in joining a club or organization, individual students can browse GetInvolvedHU to gain more information and insight about the organizations they are interested in.  Students can request to join a club through the database as well.  Organizations can market events and opportunities on GetInvolvedHU so students browsing can learn about ways to get involved around campus.  Clubs and organizations can also track their SGA-allocated budgets through GetInvolvedHU, post photos, recruit members, message peers, and advertise events on GetInvolvedHU.  All communication between club leaders, the Student Government Association (SGA), the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) and the Division of Student Affairs is conducted through GetInvolvedHU.  The most up to date information must be present in the database in order for constituents to reach the organization leaders on campus.  Being registered on GetInvolvedHU is the only way organizations will be eligible to reserve tables in the atrium, book space through Event Management, get approval for flyers in the Student Center, access SGA for funds if necessary, etc. 

How do I update my information on GetInvolvedHU if I am a new club leader of an existing organization?  And When?
At the start of the Fall semester each year, re-registration will go live for approximately 4 weeks during which all new club leaders are expected to log on to GetInvolvedHU, find their organization profile, and click the Re-Register button to update the club roster information, e-board positions, meeting times, Constitutions, and any other pertinent information that may have changed.  Failure to do so by the deadline will result in the organization to be deemed inactive for the current year. 
What is the process for New Clubs to register?
All new clubs must get approval from the University Registration Committee before being recognized by Hofstra.  Registration Committee meetings occur monthly, and they are first-come first-served.  Interested students should complete this form and hand in to OSLE by the Wednesday prior to the next Registration Committee meeting. Once approved by the Registration Committee, new club leaders shall log-in to GetInvolvedHU through their Portal and click the “Register your Organization” button on the left-side of the page.  They will be prompted to follow the instructions which include providing a detailed description of the organization, advertising meeting times and locations, uploading a complete membership roster including the Club Advisor, uploading the Constitution, and a photo that represents the club.  Once the submission is approved by the Programming Office responsible for the club, the organization will be deemed active.

What is the difference between being recognized and registered?
Recognition by Student Government Association is only for undergraduate groups that fall in to the
auspices of Student Government. Registration is for all Hofstra University student organizations;
graduate and undergraduate, fraternal and non-funded organizations.  Only SGA Recognized organizations can access SGA funds.

What type of information do I need to submit when I am registering in GetInvolvedHU?
Please make sure you have ALL of the following information ready before you begin the registration

  • Names of your President, Vice President and Treasurer
  • Hofstra ID numbers (700 numbers) of all three members listed above\
  • Name, phone number and email of your Club Advisor (who you must add to your Roster in order to be approved)
  • Email addresses of all members listed above.
  • Names and email addresses for all organization members
  • A electronic copy of your organization’s constitution (PDF or MS Word document)
  • A photo representing your organization

Still have questions about Collegiate Link?  Contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (260 Student Center) or osla@hofstra.edu for further assistance. 

Registration Periods:
Existing organization Re-Registration Period: 1st Day of Classes in Fall semester until 1st week of October
New organization Registration Period: Opens by the 2nd week of October

*** Please do not register an existing organization as a new organization! 

Remember to register your club or organization today!