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Discovery Program Participant Feedback

Discovery Program Quotes from Students

1. What will you remember most about your Discovery Program experience?

“Everything! This entire experience was AMAZING!!”
-Christina Bracco

“I will remember the long hours of service that were comforted by warming thank yous.”
-Alice Rodrigues

“The friends I made and the people we helped. It was such a worthwhile experience and a great way to start my college career.”
-Irene Wymes

2. How did you grow/change from this opportunity?

“I now feel completely prepared for college and I know all about service activities that I can do while I’m here! I also made connections with people before the rest of my class even arrived on campus!”
-Christina Bracco

“I became more comfortable going into the college environment. I think I’ve transitioned into the maturity level of a college student. It has opened my eyes to NYC in a different way.”
-Morgan Smith

“I have met a few of my future classmates, ventured from my comfort zone and learned about ways to get involved throughout my upcoming years at Hofstra. I feel charged and ready to continue acts of service in our local community.”
-Rebecca Gianarkis

“I became both more environmentally aware and aware of the compassion I currently show towards others.”
-Bari Morchower

“I can see how I was narrow minded when I joined this program and my eyes have opened to the reality of homelessness and selflessness.”
-Jill Archibald

“I grew emotionally by stepping out of my comfort zone into not only a whole new region, but also a whole new economic class. I feel better educated and cultured through this experience.”
-Kirsten White

“I learned that there are more types of gifts than monetary ones that can truly make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.”
-Monya Bundy

“I’ve become more confident and gained confidence to become a leader, whether it’s volunteering or talking to strangers about pressing issues.”
-Erin Enderle

“I will be more open to listening to others and help hear their needs and recognize the need for communication about these issues to others.”
-S. Kalyn Gambord

“My eyes were opened to what needs to be done and how it can be accomplished.”
-Amanda Martin

“I became more aware of the fact that I really want to continue to lead in community service, and be really serious about it at Hofstra.”
-Max Greenfield

3. Who would you thank? Why?

“Every single person involved in creating this program because it was the perfect way to start my college career!”
-Christina Bracco

Discovery Program Stats

  • After the program, 92% of the students felt a connection to Hofstra, 46% felt a connection to Hempstead, and 62% felt a connection to NYC.
  • Before the program, 18% thought the main reason for homelessness was “lack of motivation.” Afterwards, 0% thought this was the main reason.
  • 87% reported being thankful to have gone through the program
  • 83% reported that the Discovery Program impacted their views about conservation or compassion
  • 86% reported that their involvement in the Discovery Program positively impacted their adjustment to college