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Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation

Your Hofstra journey begins at New Student Orientation! New Student Orientation is a three-day, two-night program where all students stay overnight on campus and get their first glimpse of life at Hofstra. During the program, you will learn about Hofstra's curriculum and campus resources, register for fall classes, tour the campus, meet faculty and staff, and begin to develop lifelong friendships with other new students. We look forward to welcoming you to the Hofstra Pride at summer orientation!

All students will be receiving a deposited students packet from the Office of Admissions in early May. Included in this packet is information about New Student Orientation and instructions on how to sign up for one three-day, two-night session out of our eight weeks of offerings through your Hofstra portal.

Experience has shown that students who actively participate in an orientation program excel academically and socially more often than those who do not take advantage of such programs. Our orientation program will prepare you for a good start at Hofstra by answering your questions about academic, social and logistical matters before you begin your classes in September; for this reason, attendance at orientation is required.

Your orientation to campus continues with Welcome Week, the second part of Orientation. During Welcome Week (Thursday, August 30 to Monday, September 3, 2018), numerous activities are planned to assist new students in acclimating to campus and the community right before the fall semester begins.

To recap, New Student Orientation includes both the three-day, two-night stay at Hofstra and the extensive array of activities and programs that are part of Welcome Week. For information about summer orientation such as dates, what to bring, how to sign up and our frequently asked questions,  select the menu on the top left (in yellow where it says "Summer Orientation").

Sign up for new student orientation online on the Hofstra portal. You will need your Hofstra network and password.  Since dates fill quickly, you will be asked to choose three sessions that work for you. Once we receive your request, we will send an e-mail confirmation to your Hofstra e-mail account, which will include important information about the Common Reading, and taking your foreign language placement exam and mathematics assessment online prior to orientation. We ask that you do not make any travel arrangements until you receive an email confirmation .

If you have any questions about orientation, please email us at orientation[at]hofstra.edu or call New Student Orientation  at (516) 463-4874.


"I feel that it was necessary to attend orientation in order to get to know people and make friends, and to also understand the campus life and how everything at Hofstra works before you step on campus in the fall. I am much more comfortable about coming here in the fall now that I already have a group of friends and a general idea about Hofstra life because of orientation!"

Common Reading 2018

Driver’s License

We use our summer orientation program to give you a taste of the kind of excitement you will experience this fall in a Hofstra classroom. Each year the Common Reading Book Selection Committee selects a text that is the basis of the discussion that takes place during the model class at New Student Orientation. This year’s selection is Driver’s License by Meredith Castile.

Driver’s License is one book among a collection, called Object Lessons, about the hidden lives of seemingly ordinary objects. In the early chapters of the book, Ms. Castile explains how this small document we hold in our wallet evolved from proof of one’s ownership of a vehicle to become proof of so much more (e.g., one’s age, driving aptitude, citizenship). As is the case for many objects that hold such value, attempts at forgery evolved over time, and Ms. Castile illustrates how advancements in technology, art, and sheer creativity have kept the dance going between the forgers, and the forgery-catchers. The second half of the book, which will serve as the main foundation for your model class discussion at New Student Orientation, explores the role that the driver’s license has played in the disenfranchisement of underrepresented populations. From voter suppression to hindering one’s ability to commute for work, the driver’s license has, at times, left an ugly mark on American history. Is a similar pattern true for other nations? What will become of the driver’s license in the future, when humans are no longer needed behind the wheel?

Deposited students will be receiving this book in the mail after May 15. We expect you to read it in advance of your orientation session, so that when you arrive on campus you will be able to discuss it in a classroom setting with a member of the Hofstra faculty.

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