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Academic Records

UG Incomplete Grade Policy FAQs for Students

What is an Incomplete and why would a student be granted an “I”?

  • The grade of Incomplete (I) must be requested by you, the student.
  • Incompletes are only granted if you have completed a substantial portion of the course and the course work is of passing quality.
  • Assigning the grade of “I” is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • The grade of “I” indicates that unforeseen circumstances have prevented you, the student, from completing course work on time.

How is an Incomplete Grade processed?

  • The instructor enters “I” on his/her Web roster.
  • The Incomplete Grade Form is filled out by the instructor and submitted to the Office of Academic Records no later than six days following the last class/final examination.
  • The Office of Academic Records will send you a copy of the Incomplete Grade Form.
  • The form requires the instructor to enter a default grade that you will receive if the course work is not completed by the deadline date.

What are the deadlines I should be aware of ?

  • The instructor will decide the time frame in which you will be required to complete outstanding course work. However, this time frame may not exceed the last day of the next full semester following the granting of an Incomplete grade.

Is there ever a time when the deadline can extend beyond one semester?

  • In cases where lab work is required or the student is working on an Independent Study, additional time may be granted by the instructor.

What happens if I don’t submit the required course work to the instructor by the deadline?

  • The Office of Academic Records will convert the Incomplete grade to the default grade stated in the Incomplete Grade Form.

If I received an Incomplete grade, can I attend regular class meetings of the same course in the following term?

  • No, you will not be allowed to attend the regular class meetings at the next offering of the course.

When does this new policy go into effect?

  • This policy is effective for all undergraduate students beginning with the fall 2008 term and applies to all course work

Will this new policy affect my incompletes from a term prior to fall 2008?

  • No, this policy applies only to Incompletes received fall 2008 and later. Permanent incompletes received prior to fall 2008 will remain as is.

Will I be able to keep an Incomplete earned fall 2008 and later on my record indefinitely?

  • A grade of “I” earned fall 2008 and later must be made up or will default to the specified grade listed on the Incomplete Grade Form.
  • Effective fall 2008, you will not be able to graduate with an INC on your record earned fall 2008 and later.

What if I’m a candidate for graduation and I request an “I”? How will this affect my planned date of graduation?

  • You cannot graduate with an incomplete grade (received fall 2008 or later) on your record.
  • All requirements, including the resolution of such incompletes must be completed and on record in the Office of Academic Records by the end of the first week in June for May degree candidates, the end of the first week of January for December degree candidates, and the end of the first week of September for August degree candidates.
  • If requirements, including Incompletes, are not completed by the above deadlines, students will be graduated in the next graduation period upon completion of all outstanding requirements. Please note that this may result in you having to maintain matriculation and pay the associated fee for each term/academic semester beyond your last semester of course registration.