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Center for Career Design and Development
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Students seek career information through many different avenues, which present a vast array of options. We at the Center for Career Design and Development recognize that some of the most important career conversations students have are most likely with their parents and family members.  You play an integral role in your student's career development and we want to partner with you so that we can help empower your student to create a meaningful career and life.

The Center for Career Design and Development provides a holistic career exploration process that includes counseling and coaching, major exploration, administering assessments, resume and interview preparation, and more.  We encourage students to form a relationship with us as soon as they arrive at Hofstra and will communicate with them to encourage that as soon as they arrive. Our team is excited to help your student succeed.

How can you support your student's success?

  1. Encourage students to visit the Center for Career Design and Development throughout their Hofstra experience.
  2. Support students in taking personal responsibility for their career ambitions.
  3. Help your student identify professionals to connect with to learn more about their industry of choice while expanding their network.

How can you support the success of other Hofstra students?

  1. If you or your company are looking to fill a full-time, part-time, internship, or volunteer position, the Center for Career Design and Development can connect you with Hofstra students and alumni seeking opportunities. Click here to learn more about how we connect our employers to Hofstra talent.
  2. If you would like to connect with students in a way other than internships or full-time opportunities, we can help. Some ways that parents and families connect with students are through shadowing opportunities, panels, and workshops.

Family Frequently Asked Questions

When should students start coming to the Center for Career Design and Development?
As soon as possible! The Center for Career Design and Development isn't just a place to talk about getting a job for after graduation. We'll assist students achieve their goals no matter what stage they may be in, but visiting us prior to senior year is the best way to take advantage of all of the services that will fit your student's needs.
Do you place students in job/internship positions?
As is standard practice in today's colleges and universities, The Center for Career Design and Development does not place students directly into positions.  However, each Hofstra student has access to Handshake, our opportunities database, which contains thousands of opportunities for which employers are specifically seeking to hire from Hofstra.   Our team also stands ready to support your student by both exploring how to locate opportunities and strategies of obtaining them.  We encourage our students to gain experience in any form, including opportunities beyond jobs and internships such as volunteering, shadowing, or study abroad.  Our team can help students best articulate their experiences to prepare them for future opportunities.
How closely are majors connected to careers? Will my student's options change if their major does?
Most majors give students the transferable skills to succeed in many different career paths.  As such, a student's major does not necessarily dictate the path they will pursue. If your student chooses to follow an academic path more in line with their personal rather than professional interests, there are always ways to apply the knowledge and skills they will obtain to the workforce. If your student is considering a major change, we will discuss how the new major will benefit their overall career goals. We also recommend that students considering a major change consult their appropriate Dean at the Center for University Advising to see how their plan of study may be affected.
In high school, my student took a test that showed them what career they should pursue. Can they take that test at Hofstra?
We offer a variety of assessments to help students learn more about themselves, reflect on their experiences, and see how those can interact in a successful career path. For more information on our career assessments, students should schedule an appointment with any member of our team.
What typically is covered in a counseling appointment?
The content of our counseling appointments is driven by the student; our counselors incorporate both counseling and coaching techniques in order for the student to articulate and achieve their goals. Common topics discussed include major exploration, career options, document reviews, and the overall job/internship search process. Students can also have a practice interview with one of our counselors or discuss establishing a networking strategy to connect with professionals in their chosen field.
Can I join my student for their appointment at the Career Center, or speak to their counselor myself?
We encourage students to attend their Center for Career Design and Development appointments on their own, so that they can get a true feel for professional conversations. If you would like to attend your student's counseling appointment with them, we will ask your student for their permission before the meeting begins. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss any student career information over the phone with parents unless they are listed on their student's FERPA permissions.
What other offices does your department work with to ensure student success?
The Center for Career Design and Development is part of the Student Success Collaborative, five departments within the Division of Student Affairs which help students connect their academic and personal experiences, ensuring success in achieving their goals. Additionally, the Center for Career Design and Development's counseling team collaborates with faculty in each School to better meet the needs of their target student populations.
My student already graduated. Can they use Center for Career Design and Development services?
Yes!  Alumni who have graduated within the last year are able to use most Center for Career Design and Development services free of charge.  Alumni who have graduated more than one year ago can use our online resources for free and utilize our counseling services and programs with a valid Alumni card.
What percentage of Hofstra students have a job upon graduation? Should my student be considering Graduate School after Hofstra?
This information is available through Hofstra's Graduate Outcomes reports. As for the consideration of Graduate School, each program of study carries different requirements and qualifications for employment.  While some fields require a graduate degree for entry- or mid-level positions, other fields may see the holding of a graduate degree without pertinent work experience as over-qualification. Our team can help your student navigate their field of interest to determine when and how further education should be best pursued.

Attention Hofstra Students: Click here to sign in to the Hofstra Career Hub and access resources for all your career needs in one place.