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Looking for Success? Find it With an Internship!

As you continue to work toward earning your degree and setting goals for the future, gaining practical work experience through an internship will provide you with a multitude of advantages when entering the professional world. Most employers prefer to hire students who have had previous internship experience or those students who interned directly for them. Acquiring an internship while you are an undergraduate student is an ever-increasing component to the educational experience. Internships provide you with varied work experiences and offer a wide range of professional opportunities. By being a proactive student who actively seeks out internships you will not only gain knowledge, but also vital work experience.

What are the benefits of an internship?

  • Explore a possible career.
  • Gain an understanding of a professional work environment.
  • Put your academic theory from the classroom into practice.
  • Get an inside view of a company or organization.
  • Learn the language and nuances of a particular industry.
  • Increase your confidence by becoming a more proficient and skilled worker.
  • Utilize networking skills to foster strong professional connections and references.
  • Build a strong resume and interviewing skills.

When can I intern?

The Career Center recommends that students begin planning for the internship process early in their academic careers as first-years and sophomores. Internships generally are offered year-round.  Students should have a suggested minimum of one internship during their college career, but more if possible.

What types of internships are available?

The Career Center posts many different types of internships in a wide variety of fields for students. Internships may be paid, unpaid or for credit. Internships vary according to industry and organization.

For Credit Internships – Many internships may meet eligibility requirements for you to earn academic credit through either your major department or the Study Abroad Office. Internship descriptions must be supplied to one of these offices to qualify for credit. Please check with your major department for internship guidelines and requirements:

Non-Credit Internships – Some internships do not require academic credit, or a student may not wish to earn academic credit. When participating in a non-credit internship, students may then be compensated with a salary, stipend, or travel reimbursement. Or, an internship may be unpaid but offers a wide variety of career opportunities and a beneficial learning experience.

How can The Career Center help me find an internship?

  • Handshake – The Career Center’s online database, accessed through the Hofstra Career Hub, several hundred internship postings from a variety of employers nationally and internationally.
  • University Career Action Network - Hofstra is part of a consortium of 21 schools that share internship postings. Access it through the Hofstra Career Hub, then register to find more than 10,000 annually.
  • Linkup.com - This job search aggregator is "Google for jobs and internships."  Use keywords and location to search nationally.
  • The Career Center Job and Internship Fairs – A variety of fairs are offered throughout the year to give students the opportunity to meet employers and apply for internships.

How can I get started with the internship process?

  • Make an appointment to meet with a career counselor at The Career Center to discuss your needs.
  • Visit your department’s chairperson or internship coordinator or the Study Abroad Office.
  • Attend your academic department’s events.