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Frank G. Zarb Graduate Business Career Services

Frank G. Zarb Graduate Business Career Services

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Hofstra University is a dynamic private college on Long Island, NY, where students can choose from more than 140 undergraduate and 150 graduate programs in liberal arts and sciences, business, communication, education, health and human services, and honors studies, as well as a School of Law and School of Medicine. | more |

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Interview Tips &Techniques

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The Informational Interview: 7 Easy Steps To Success

Career Builder
Salary wizard, resume advice and interview tips.

Interviewing via Skype has search functions to specify internship type, view all listings and make selection by company. Also, gives good interviewing tips and techniques

Job Web Job Web
National Association of Colleges and Employers web site. Contains Job Choices Online Magazine, and articles on interviewing.

Minorities' Job Bank Minorities' Job Bank
Allows user to search by keywords, and post resumes. Includes resume writing tips.

Monster Interview
Monster Interview Center has information on interviews for specific types of jobs, includes virtual interviews.

True Careers True Careers
Specifically designed to help college students and recent graduates find internships, part-time jobs and "real jobs." Includes other useful tools needed to acquire internships and jobs.


Vault is the world’s leading source of career information. It will make your efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects infinitely easier and more efficient. This new online resource contains:

  • Vault Career Guides and Employer Profiles in PDF
  • 3,000+ Company Profiles
  • 1,100+ Vault Career Advice Articles
  • Industry and Occupational Profiles
  • Access to the Vault Message Boards for insider information.......Much more!
  • **This resources is only available to current Hofstra students (login to My Hofstra Portal and click on "myApps" located in the upper right corner, then click on "Vault" icon)”

Informational interviews are one of the best ways to break into investment banking. But most people get it completely wrong and waste hours emailing and calling bankers with nothing to show for it.

That article gives you a great starting point for informational interviews - if you want even more detailed email templates, scripts, and sample interviews, check out The Networking Ninja Toolkit.