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Intramural Policies and Procedures

Welcome to our exciting Intramural Sports program! Numerous activities are offered throughout the year that accommodates all levels of play and interest. If sports, leisure activities and fitness are part of your life, we invite and encourage you to participate in our program. Experience the satisfaction of having fun, getting in shape, and playing your best while fostering a spirit of sportsmanship among participants and spectators. The policies and procedures outlined below are designed to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for all Hofstra students, faculty and staff.


The sport calendar and registration material for all activities are available online at www.imleagues.com/Hofstra. Teams or individuals interested in participating must sign up on IMleagues in order to be eligible.


For information on how to sign up a team, join a team, or sign up as a free agent, please click here.


  • All male and female students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty and staff members currently affiliated with Hofstra University are eligible to participate. Alumni are not permitted to participate in our program.
  • A player may compete on only one team per league (men's, women's and/or coed) and cannot switch teams after playing in one game. Any player competing under an assumed name or without being listed on the roster will be banned from further IM sport participation for the remainder of the academic year.
  • A player who fails to sign the liability release statement prior to his/her participation in each game is ineligible to play.
  • Any individual who participates in an intercollegiate sport during one academic year would be ineligible to participate in that sport or associate sports during the same academic year. If a student did not practice with the varsity team after the first varsity contest, he/she would be eligible to participate in Intramurals.
  • Redshirts and members of intercollegiate teams are ineligible to participate on an IM team in that sport (or associated sport) during that sport's season if run concurrently or at different times.


For all Intramural team sports, less than half of the required number of players on the field/court per team can be a member of the related Club sport at any time.  Failure to abide by this policy will result in a team forfeit.  Below is a list of the Intramural sports that are related to Club sports.

Floor Hockey- Club Roller Hockey, Club Ice Hockey
Indoor Soccer- Men’s and Women’s Club Soccer
Outdoor Soccer- Men’s and Women’s Club Soccer
Softball- Club Baseball, Club Softball
Ultimate Frisbee- Men’s Club Ultimate, Women’s Club Ultimate
Volleyball- Club Volleyball


A valid HofstraCard is required at all times to enter all athletic facilities and will be requested prior to the start of each IM game. Individuals without valid HofstraCards will not be permitted to play.


Regular season play, with round robin format, is followed by a single elimination playoff to determine the overall IM champion. The top two qualifying teams in each division automatically advance to the playoffs. Scheduling is subject to change based on facility availability and time constraints.

All league schedules and season information are posted online and on the bulletin board located in the Fitness Center lobby. To ensure accuracy and up-to-date schedule information, check the website, bulletin board, or contact the graduate assistant in charge of the sport.


Administrative cancellations occur when inclement weather or other uncontrollable factors arise. In these cases, we will make every effort to reschedule the games.

Due to the number of teams involved in the IM program and the limited availability of fields/gymnasiums, requests for rescheduling may not be considered. Game cancellations may be done only through the IM office.


The success of our IM program is dependant largely upon the representatives who serve as managers for each participating team. These individuals are the liaisons between the teams and the IM Office. Each team is encouraged to select the person who is best qualified to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Create the team and pass the quiz on IMleagues before the deadline.
  • Represent the team in all facets.
  • Check the website and IM bulletin board (located in the Fitness Center lobby) daily for current information (i.e., rain outs for schedule changes) and notify team members.
  • Serve as the contact person that the Department of Recreation and Intramural Sports can get a hold of to relay any important information through phone and/or email.
  • Inform all team players of the game rules and policies that govern the Department of Recreation and Intramurals.
  • Ensure the team will arrive on time and be ready to play when scheduled. A five-minute grace period is allowed before the game is recorded as a forfeit.
  • Assist with pregame player sign-in.
  • Oversee the conduct of team players and spectators before, during and after the game, and encourage sportsmanship throughout the season.
  • Serve as the team's only designated spokesperson permitted to address the official.
  • File a protest, if applicable, in the time allotted.
  • Sign off on the scoresheet at the end of the game to review the scores and sportsmanship rating.
  • Distribute awards at the end of the season, if applicable.


Currently, all students choosing to participate in an intramural sport must pass the sport specific quiz that relates to their chosen event. Until this quiz is passed, the student will be unable to participate.


Teams may make roster additions anytime throughout the regular season; however, additions cannot be made during playoffs. Participants that are added in the middle of the season must also take and pass the sport specific quiz on imleagues.com.


Hofstra students, faculty and staff members seeking to participate will all compete in the same league. This applies to independent, fraternity/sorority, and Law School teams. All-female and mixed leagues will also be available, if applicable.

Pending registration in any given sport, this may be subject to change.


Protests must be on rule interpretation and must deal directly with the score. There shall be no protests allowed on judgment calls. The following restrictions apply:

  • Protests are made by the team manager only.
  • The manager must notify the officials and supervisor at the exact time the incident occurs. The official will then record the protest on the scorecard from the time of the incident. A protest will not be accepted after the game has been completed or if it has not been acknowledged by the supervisor or official. Player ineligibility must be protested on the field in order to identify the ineligible player.
  • Protest forms are available at the game and at the IM office, and must be submitted within 24 hours of the occurrence. During playoffs, formal protests must be submitted no later than 9 a.m. of the first working day following the contest.
  • Following the protest review, each team will be notified of the decision as early as possible.


Any player who is ejected from any IM activity must leave the playing field/court immediately. Failure to do so will result in his/her own team's forfeit.

An ejected player is ineligible to participate in further recreation or IM activities until he/she has met with the Intramural Advisory Council. It is the ejected player's responsibility to call the IM office to schedule an appointment. Team managers are invited and encouraged to attend this Advisory Council meeting.


A default is given when:

  • A team captain notifies the IM office at least three hours before scheduled game time that he/she is unable to field a team. Fifty (50) percent or more of a regulation team is present.
  • A team is not represented at the scheduled managers' meeting.


A team that defaults is given a loss and the opposing team automatically receives a win. Default games are not rescheduled, and sportsmanship ratings are not given to either team.


Forfeits are awarded when:

  • A team fails to play a scheduled game or less than 50 percent of a regulation team is present.
  • A designated team official is assigned to a game and does not show.
  • Eligibility rules are violated.
  • A player is ejected from the game and refuses to leave the playing area.
  • Two forfeits warrant an immediate dismissal from the league. A team that forfeits is given a loss, and the opposing team receives a win. Forfeited games are not rescheduled, and the sportsmanship ratings are not given to either team. 


To help increase the amount of intramural games played in all sports, a forfeit fee of $10.00 has been implemented in our program.  It is intended to eliminate the amount of team forfeits/defaults.  Payment will be made by the team captain via PayPal on imleagues.com.

If a team forfeits a game or has two defaults, the captain has one week to pay the $10.00 fee. If the payment is not made, the team will be automatically disqualified from the league.  Only the captain will be unable to participate in any further intramural competition until the $10.00 forfeit fee is paid. The captain will be notified via email once the suspension has been submitted.

This new initiative is to prevent team forfeits and promote play in our intramural sports program.


Teams qualifying for postseason play must have a sufficient win/loss record and at least a "B" (3.0) sportsmanship rating during the regular season. Awards (maximum 20) are given to the overall champion of each sport. To be eligible, participants must have played in at least half of the season's games. Awards may be picked up only during the academic year in which they are won.


Participation in the IM program is voluntary. Hofstra University and the Department of Campus Recreation are not liable for injuries suffered by participants; therefore, all participants are advised to be in good physical condition and have proper medical insurance. Should an injury occur, that injury should be immediately reported to the game official, the intramural supervisor, and/or facility supervisor. If further assistance is needed, the supervisor will contact the Department of Public Safety. Any participant(s) suspected by the supervisor and Public Safety of having concussion like symptoms or any other serious injury will be removed immediately. As safety is our number one concern for all program participants, we recommend anyone removed from a game due to injury be seen by a healthcare provider before returning. The injured party assumes liability for transportation and/or medical charges. 


To maintain safe conditions of play at all times, jewelry and baseball caps (except during softball) are not to be worn during IM participation.


"Sportsmanship" is defined as "a set of behaviors that will be exhibited by participants, coaches, game officials, and fans in competition.

These include respect, civility, fairness, honesty and responsibility." In order to encourage fair play before, during and after an IM contest, a rating system is enforced as follows:

  • An "A" (4.0) is awarded to a team that demonstrates extremely good sportsmanship and maintains an attitude of complete cooperation. Examples include:
    • Arriving early to play.
    • All players exhibit positive behavior and communication.
    • Shaking hands at the completion of the contest.
  • A "B" (3.0) is awarded to a team when good play is exhibited throughout the contest with minimal incident or conflicts. Examples include:
    • Being prepared to play at game time.
    • A single verbal warning issued to a team.
  • A "C" (2.0) is awarded to a team when sportsmanlike conduct is present in the game except for minor infractions:
    • A second verbal warning issued to a team in any officiated or self-officiated sport.
  • A "D" (1.0) is awarded to a team:
    • When a player, coach or spectator is ejected for abusive remarks.
    • If players other than the manager persist in questioning the officials, or if any player repeatedly argues with an official.
  • An "F" (0.0) is awarded to a team:
    • If a player, coach or spectator is ejected for striking or shoving an official, opponent or spectator.
    • If any individual associated with the team is so antagonistic to an official or staff member that the game cannot be played with proper order and control.
    • If a player disregards warnings of unnecessary roughness.

    Sportsmanship ratings are given by all members of the IM staff working the game. This includes officials, court monitors, supervisors, graduate assistants and senior staff members.

    A team that receives an "F" rating must have its manager meet with the director before its next scheduled contest in order to be eligible to play its next game.

    The team captain must sign the scoresheet after every game. This is when he/she will be notified of their sportsmanship rating for that game.

    *Sportsmanship ratings are not given for any unplayed games.

    Teams must adhere to the sportsmanship regulations by obtaining a "B" (3.0 point average) in the regular season to qualify for the playoffs. If a team's sportsmanship average dips below the "B" average during playoff competition, it will be dropped from play. Also, if a team receives two "D" ratings during playoff competition, it will be dropped from play regardless of its sportsmanship average. The IM Department reserves the right to drop any team and/or individual from playoff competition for sportsmanship violations.

    Any player who is ejected for any reason will be ineligible to participate in his/her team's next scheduled contest. Based upon the ejected player's actions, further disciplinary procedures may be taken. These decisions are final. Any player or team ejected from a contest will be automatically suspended from the game and must meet with the Intramural Advisory Board. The following are considered to be evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct: profanity; unnecessary delay of game; striking, shoving or threatening an opponent, official, staff member or teammate; and any action with the intent to physically injure a player.

    Consumption of alcoholic beverage/tobacco products by coaches, active players, bench players, and spectators is prohibited. Violators are subject to University disciplinary action. IM participants may be ejected from a game and suspended from further participation. All teams are responsible for their spectators. Any unsportsmanlike conduct from spectators will be penalized against the team they are "supporting."

APF= Always Play Fair

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