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Welcome to the Office of Student Employment (OSE)

The Office offers multiple employment opportunities for students throughout their years at Hofstra University. Through part-time student employment, students have the opportunity to enrich and enhance their academic experiences by applying learned skills and theories in a practical setting, while earning income to assist with college expenses. To learn more about our office visit About OSE.

Explore our site to learn about the various types of on-campus employment opportunities offered and how they can work for you.

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If you are a Hofstra student employee looking to excel, then the Student Training Resulting In Vocational Excellence (STRIVE) program is for you.  STRIVE provides you with opportunities to develop and enhance your skill set, knowledge base and leadership potential so that you can succeed both as a student employee and in your future career. Statistics show that 50% of Hiring Managers don’t feel college graduates are ready for the workforce.  Don’t become part of this statistic, STRIVE for PRIDE and give yourself an edge over the competition!  To read more about the STRIVE program, click here: STRIVE.

Visit GetInvolved HU for imore information about upcoming OSE events and to register for an event.


If you have questions for Student Employment, feel free to call us at (516) 463-6782 or send us an Email.