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Manage Student Employment eTime

The Office of Student Employment (OSE) uses eTime as our electronic time and attendance system. On this page, you will find information to assist you with eTime.

eTime FAQs

1) What is eTime?
eTime is a paperless online process where student employees will enter their daily hours worked. Student employees will timestamp in and out on a computer. Some student employees will use a time clock. The student employee and the manager will be required to approve the timecard at the end of each work week.
2) How do student employees enter time worked electronically?
Student employees will utilize the timestamp via a computer or time clock. For the majority of student employee’s time stamping in via a computer, students will enter through the Hofstra portal, click on MyApps, click on the eTime icon and simply click “Record Your Time”.
3) Where do student employees timestamp in and timestamp out?
Departments must identify computer workstations or time clocks that will be used by students to record their time in and out. Discuss with your manager which method and/or which computer you will be using.
4) What if a student employee has approval to work in two (2) positions on Campus for different departments?
Students who have been granted written permission to hold a second position on campus will only use eTime for their Primary Position and will NOT be using eTime for their Secondary Position. Students should work with their department managers to record time for their Secondary Position on an approved Hofstra timesheet. Completed, approved timesheets are submitted to Office of Student Employment (OSE) and inputted into eTime.
If you are unsure whether a particular position is primary or secondary, please contact OSE immediately to confirm.
5) What is rounding and how does it work?
>Rounding means that when you time stamp in, the time will be rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. The rounding rules are as follows: Timestamp rounding is based on 15 minute intervals; 0-7 minutes in the interval rounds back to the previous quarter hour, 8-15 minutes in the interval rounds forward to the next quarter hour. For example, if you time stamp in at 9:07am, your time in will be calculated from 9:00am. Likewise, if you time stamp in at 9:08am, your time in will be calculated from as 9:15am.
6) When are time cards due?
Managers must approve their student employee timecards by noon every Monday.
7) How will student employees submit time worked?
Student employees submit time worked each time they clock in and out of work.  Student employees may not punch in before they begin working and must punch out when they have finished working.
8) What happens if a manager does not approve a student employee's timecard?
The student employee will not be paid.
9) How often do student employees need to review their timecard?
How often the timecard is reviewed is up to you however, we recommend a weekly review to ensure timely and accurate payment.
10) Can student employees punch in and out multiple times during the day?
Yes, the timestamp feature permits student employees to punch in and out multiple times throughout a day.
11) Will student employees need to punch in and out for meals?
Student employees may and should punch out when they are not working, e.g. when they take a meal break.  With regard to those students who work over six (6) consecutive hours, eTime will automatically deduct this 30 minute meal break so a student will not have to punch in and out for this meal. If a longer meal break is desired, the student must punch in and out.
Also, if you do not take the required uninterrupted meal break discussed above, since this time will be automatically deducted it is up to you to notify your managers so the managers may make the adjustment to eTime. This will ensure that you are paid for all time worked.
12) How will student employees who are working away from campus record their time?
Their manager or other designated person must enter the hours the student employee has worked into the eTime system. Time should be recorded on an approved Hofstra timesheet. Managers must retain the timesheet in accordance with Hofstra’s record retention policy.
13) Can eTime be used from home or a dorm room?
Only managers may access eTime from a remote location.
14) What happens if someone timestamps in or out for someone else?
This is falsification of identity and violation of the Office of Student Employment policy. Be advised that student employees who violate this policy will be subject to work-related discipline, which could include dismissal from employment.
15) What if a student employee failed to timestamp in or out?
Failure to completely record a work period by time stamping in and out creates a “missed punch” in the eTime application. If these missed punches go uncorrected, the student employee will not be paid for that pay period. Managers are responsible for ensuring that their student employees’ time cards contain no missed punches prior to approving their student employees’ time. Continued neglect by the student employee to time stamp in/out may be cause for discipline up to and including dismissal.

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If you are unable to:  Access “my Apps” on the Portal - Call the Help Desk @ (516) 463 – 7777.

If you are unable to:  Locate the eTime icon - Contact the OSE via email at student-employment[at]hofstra.edu or by telephone at (516)463-6782.