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Health and Wellness Center

Be Heard - Be Healthy - Be a Better Hofstra

Want to be a part of changing Hofstra – Here is your opportunity!

Hofstra is taking part in the American College Health Association's National College Health Assessment survey. This important survey confidentially asks students about habits, life styles, and personal choices in order to gain data regarding the life of the Hofstra student. All students are encouraged to participate and share their honest answers to these questions. Understanding the realities our students face while part of the Hofstra community will allow us to best support and create programs that are relevant and helpful to our student body.

If any students have questions or needs support in regards to taking part in the survey, below are administrators and departments who are ready to assist:

Donna Willenbrock, Director of Hofstra's Student Health Services: (516) 463-6745

John Guthman, Ph.D., Director of Hofstra Student Counseling Services: (516) 463-6791

Claudia Andrade, Director of Student Advocacy and Prevention Awareness: (516) 463-6555

Title IX Officer for Student Issues: (516) 463-5841