Study Abroad

How To Get Started

There are many available resources:

  • Our Study Abroad website and the Office of Study Abroad Programs, located in 107 Roosevelt Hall are great places to start.
  • Each Hofstra short-term or semester program offers informational sessions to acquaint students with every aspect of the program, from course selection and cultural amenities to living accommodations.  Informational sessions are always offered the semester prior to departure and are announced and publicized in many venues.
  • Non-Hofstra semester programs also offer informational sessions each semester on how to get started, procedures for approved transfer of credit, and financial aid.
  • The Study Abroad Fair, held every fall, is attended by Hofstra program directors who are eager to introduce you to their short-term or semester programs through photos, brochures, and student blogs and are ready to answer your questions regarding accommodations, available courses, cultural excursions and associated costs.
  • Study abroad ambassadors are always on hand at informational meetings, the study abroad fair and other study abroad events on campus to share their experiences and perspectives on study abroad.  Connecting with these students is critical! Having just returned from abroad, they are excited to discuss their experiences and would like the opportunity to help you with your questions and concerns and assist you in planning your study abroad.