Tk20 Assessment Program


Assess the Assignment

To assess an assignment in Tk20, you must go to and log into your portal. Once logged in, look for my apps and then select Tk20 assessment.  This should bring you directly to your Tk20 home page, where you can review your student’s artifacts and complete your assessments.

Students will receive a Pending Task in their Home tab to notify them of your Assignment.  When students start submitting their Assignments, you will be able to assess them in Tk20.   Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into Tk20
  2. Under the Pending Tasks section of the Home tab, click on You have Pending Assessments
  3. You will see a list of your Assignments as well as the names of the students who have submitted the Assignments
  4. To assess a particular student, click on his/her name.
  5. You will then see a double-sided screen with the Assessment Tool on the right side, and the student’s work on the left.
  6. To see the student’s work, click on the respective link on the left side of the screen.
  7. This will bring up another window (if it’s a Word document, it will open in Word; Excel will open in Excel, etc.)
  8. Refer back to the double-sided screen and look at the Assessment Tool.  If it is a rubric, select the radio button that corresponds to the number of points you wish to give.   Do this for every criterion listed. 
  9. To calculate the total score at the bottom, click on Calculate Score at the bottom.  The system will automatically calculate the scores based on what radio buttons you’ve chosen. 
  10. You will also need to enter in a Grade for the student based on the total score – this is a grade just for the assignment, and not for the entire class.  Click Save.

You will see a second screen with an overall grade and overall score.  Fill these in and click Submit.


Help Resources

For course-based assessment issues:
Ariana Murphy, Assistant Dean of Assessment and Accreditation

For student teaching issues:
John R. Lewis, Associate Dean for Field Placement and External Relations

For general questions about all areas:
John Adomavicius, Assessment Systems Coordinator


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