Event Guidelines

Spring 2022

Internal events

These guidelines are for events that are almost entirely populated by Hofstra students, faculty and/or administrators. These would primarily be small lectures, on-campus receptions, meetings, small to midsize student events.

  • Each internal event must have a health-and-safety liaison (one of the event organizers) to make sure any COVID protocols are followed.
  • Masks are required indoors. Masks are not necessary outdoors.
  • Food and drink may be served.  If at all possible when eating or drinking, maintain some physical distance from others.
  • An event may still be considered internal if there is a guest speaker. The event organizer should let the guest speaker know that they must be vaccinated.
  • Guest speakers may remove the mask while speaking. Guest speakers should maintain social distance by standing at a podium or a remove from the audience if possible.
  • For student events, the event plan must be approved through OSLE.
  • Academic events should be organized with the cooperation of the dean’s office or through Hofstra Cultural Center.
  • Other internal/departmental events should be approved by the Vice President of the area. Meetings may take place in person as well with departmental management approval.
  • It is no longer necessary to keep a log of guest speakers.

Mixed events

These are events that include members of the Hofstra community and guests in the same facility. They include co-sponsored events, academic, alumni and large student events.

  • Every event must have a health and safety liaison to ensure protocols are followed. This should be an event organizer.
  • Masks are required indoors. Masks are not necessary outdoors.
  • Generally, RSVPs should be collected for any mixed indoor event for which that is possible, including lectures, student events with large numbers of guests, and receptions. In this way, health protocols may be communicated with all attendees.
  • All guests that attend a Hofstra University-sponsored indoor event should be vaccinated and be prepared to show proof of vaccination and an ID. Indoor events include any events at which there are both Hofstra community (students and employees) mixed with non-Hofstra community members (local community, parents, alumni, athletics fans).
  • All members of the Hofstra community will have access to a digital health screener (the Pride Pass) which will allow them entry to all campus events by displaying a screen on a mobile device.
  • Mixed indoor events, such as lectures, should be in venues in which egress can be managed and the outdoor entrance is nearby (such as the Guthart Theater, Fortunoff Theater, Playhouse).
  • For mixed outdoor events, unvaccinated guests should wear a mask if they cannot maintain social distance. Proof of vaccination will not be necessary at most outdoor events. At outdoor events at which social distance cannot be maintained (such as Fall Fest), vaccination may be required but attendees will be notified in advance.
  • If possible, food should be served outside.  If food is to be served inside, attendance at the event would require proof of vaccination at the entrance to the event.

The safety of all members of the Hofstra community is our top priority. Do not come to campus if you are ill. Please observe the health protocols for “Mixed Events” at hofstra.edu/togetheragain. Guidelines are subject to change.