Announcing PridePass

For all Hofstra students, faculty and staff, the easiest way to prove that you are cleared to attend class in-person and events is the PridePass.

The PridePass proves you are a member of the Hofstra community and that you’re cleared to participate in campus life. You will need this to enter events throughout the semester, especially when there may be guests in attendance. It serves both as your ID as well as proof you are vaccinated and/or following an approved testing protocol. 

Students who have been approved to be online completely this semester will see a red pass. This does not affect your registration for online learning.

Using the PridePass is easy and convenient and helps keep the Hofstra community safe.

There are three easy ways to pull up the PridePass on your smart phone:

  1. Just type into your mobile browser and you’ll be directed to the portal log-in. After signing on, your PridePass screen will appear.

  2. Log onto the portal and you’ll see a link to PridePass.

  3. Find PridePass on your IOS (Apple) Hofstra app.

Clear Screen Screenshot
Not Cleared Screening Screenshot

Make sure you’re good to go with the green check. Try it today!