Surveillance Testing

Surveillance Testing is an on-going, randomized selection that all students who utilize campus may be called for. It is required for all students to get tested within the timeframe they are called to help ensure a healthy and safe campus community.

Students will receive a selection email on Thursday afternoons informing them they have been selected for testing. They will also receive several automated follow-up emails until they complete the testing requirements. Students are expected to complete the testing for the week in which they are called.

Please add to your address book to ensure you do not miss any emails.

When/Where Do I go for testing?

  • Summer Surveillance Testing will be held on Tuesdays from 9A.M. -11:30 A.M.
  • Testing will be held in the lower level of the Netherlands Core
  • The first day of testing will be Tuesday, June 7
  • If you need a COVID-19 test over the summer due to exposure or symptoms, please contact Student Health Services at 516-463-67845 to schedule an appointment.

Do I need to bring anything to the testing site?

Please bring your Hofstra ID card. In the event you do not have that, please bring a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license. You will need your Hofstra ID number to record your attendance.

If you have not downloaded the NAVICA app, download the NAVICA app for iPhone and Android devices. This app is how students receive their test results on-site, and is required. You will be asked to create an account.  For more information about how the app works and the antigen testing, visit the BinaxNOW site.  Please create your account before you arrive and be prepared to show the QR code on your phone to the representative at the registration area.

If your phone is unable to download the app, you can create an account through the web at

App store link:
Google Play link:

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please view this guide for detailed instructions on how to make, reschedule, or cancel an appointment:

The appointment scheduling link can be found here:, as well as in the selection email. You are also able to schedule an appointment directly through the NAVIGATE app/website.

Note: If you cannot submit your appointment, it may be due to high-volume. Students should

  1. Try again later or
  2. Email your requested date/time to

While appointments are encouraged, they are not required to attend testing on-campus.

*Appointment scheduling closes 24 hours prior to the appointment time*

Can I test off-campus?

Yes, you are welcome to get either a Rapid or PCR test off-campus. Home tests are NOT accepted as they cannot be verified. If you choose to get a test off-campus, it must be taken and uploaded within the week you are called, so if you are called on the Thursday, you can test beginning Sunday.

To find a test site near you, visit

After you have received your negative test results* upload them to Medicat following the below instructions.

  1. Log on to your portal
  2. In the upper-right hand corner click the 3x3 grid icon to open your apps
  3. Click “Medicat”
  4. Once Medicat opens, click on the menu at the top, then “Upload”
  5. Scroll down and in the grey selection bar select “COVID-19 Test Results”
  6. Upload the document, then click save.

*If you receive a positive test result, upload it to Medicat then call Student Health Services at 516-463-6745.

What if I recently tested positive?

If you recently (within 90 days) tested positive, you will be excluded from Surveillance Testing in accordance with CDC guidelines. However, your positive test result must be on file with Student Health Services, which requires a phone call to discuss when/where you tested. Should you test positive through an outside source, please call Student Health Services (516-463-6745) to discuss your diagnosis.

I’m a fully remote student do I need to test?

No, if you do not utilize campus resources you are not required to test. Contact to confirm your remote status.

What if I have an extenuating circumstance preventing me from testing?

Please contact with a brief overview of the situation.