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You have a strong affinity for writing and love of literature. You enjoy learning about the ancient world and how ideas conveyed centuries ago remain relevant. The ability to combine skilled writing with analytical thinking, to apply the lessons of the past to our modern society, and to identify the themes from centuries-old literary works that are still regarded as beautiful and relatable is what it means to be a student of the Classics at Hofstra.

The Classics program at Hofstra introduces students to authors, texts, and ideas that constitute the foundational literature of the western tradition. From democracy to gender, from theater to athletics, from philosophy to the way we understand history - the legacy of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds is still very much alive. As we become increasingly globalized, students benefit from learning to read, critique and analyze ancient Greek and Roman literature.

By the time they graduate from the program, Hofstra students are effective writers, researchers, and skilled presenters. They have fine-tuned their grammatical and syntactical precision and are well-versed in literary history, theory, and criticism; the process and theory of translation; and textual analysis. They are ready to move into the competitive world of work or an advanced studies program.

Professors in the Classics Program are internationally recognized scholars in the field. Their publications have transformed the way other scholars think about certain ancient texts.


The Classics curriculum emphasizes training in Latin and/or Ancient Greek. Classics majors acquire powerful linguistic abilities by learning Latin and Greek and about the world through ancient literature. This program provides students with a strong background in classical literature and in related areas of study (including ancient philosophy, art history, and the religious traditions of Greece, Rome, the ancient Near East, and Early Christianity. Students may choose to specialize in Classical Languages and Literatures, Classical Civilizations, or Latin.

Hofstra also offers a minor in Classics.

Up-to-date information about required classes and more is available in the Hofstra Bulletin.

BA in Classics Requirements

Recent Alumni Outcomes

Students who graduate from the Classics Program embark on a variety of careers, including as journalists, lawyers, educators, translators, political scientists and government analysts. Our recent alumni are working at organizations including:

  • Peace Corps
  • Wiley Publishing
  • EBSCO Information Services
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Hunter College Campus Schools
  • Multilingual Word

Our graduates also have gone onto to various advanced studies, including law school, medical school, higher education administration, art history, publishing, television and media. Among them are alumni studying at:

  • Columbia University
  • College of William and Mary
  • University of Kent, Canterbury
  • University of Iowa
  • University Of Vermont
99% are employed, grad school or both
94% accept a position within six months
$36K median salary
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Study Abroad/Experiential Learning

Faculty strongly encourage students to take advantage of Hofstra's study abroad programs, which are primarily held during the January and Summer intercessions. Hofstra offers programs to Athens, London, Venice, and other places.

They may also consider Hofstra's European Odyssey class, a semester-length study abroad program in which about a dozen students travel with faculty throughout Western and Eastern Europe by minivan. The goal is to study geographical, historical and contemporary topics in at least 10 countries and cultures.

Internships are another means by which students learn about different cultures, peoples and hone their reading and foreign language skills. Recent Classics students studying have completed internships in a wide assortment of companies, mainly in publishing and related areas, including:

  • Macmillan Learning
  • Massapequa School District
  • Archeodig
  • Donadio and Olson Literary Agency
  • EBSCO Information Systems
  • Innocence Project


the globe stage

Students have ample opportunities to take advantage of many plays, lectures and other cultural events and programs on-campus and in New York City. Some recent events at Hofstra have included a performance of Sophocles' Antigone by the Theatrikos Kyklos, an ensemble featuring actors from the National Greek Theater and the Athens and Epidaurus festivals. The University's Great Writers, Great Readings series featured Daniel Mendelsohn, an internationally-bestselling author, award-winning critic and essayist. His memoir, An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic, recounts his travels around the Mediterranean with his late father, a scientist, while reading the Odyssey.

A group of students is also sharing their love of Classics with the community. The Aequora program is an education program at the Uniondale Public Library (located within walking distance of Hofstra). Our students take the lead in teaching introductory Latin classes for elementary and middle school students.

Meet Sean Kelly '14


Sean was convinced by a faculty mentor to switch his major to the Classics. After graduating from Hofstra he earned a master’s in the Classics at the University of Notre Dame and is currently a doctoral student at Oxford University.