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About Us:

Learning Support, a part of Student Computing Services, is here to help with any of your software questions. 

Student Computing Services, Learning Support Logo


What does Learning Support do?

Learning Support is here to help students with any question you might have with the software we offer on campus or that you already use every day. We give one-on-one lessons to students who want extensive help with any program, we answer quick questions for walk-ins, and we offer larger classes on various topics and software. Essentially, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your education in the 21st century world!

Where is Learning Support located?

We’re located in Calkins Learning Lab, Room 106.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Email, phone (516) 463-2500, or fill out this form and tell us more about what you'd like to learn.

Learning Support teaches what programs?

We want to help you use software you already use every day for learning, for class, or just to make life easier:

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Office

We want to help you make great learning materials, for yourself or for class:

  • Image editing
  • Sound editing
  • Movie editing
  • PowerPoint that grabs and informs, not makes you snore
We want to help you with all the software your department or school has provided for you to learn with!

How friendly is the staff? Can I ask a question without getting my hand bitten off?

We’re very friendly; if you want to you can just come up to the window and ask any question about the computers or software – we’ll try our best to answer it. I promise you’ll walk away with your hands still attached.

How can I get in touch with Learning Support for quick questions?

We have a Twitter account (@HofstraSCS), an email address (, and a phone number (516) 463-2500. Or you can come see us in Calkins 106.