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  • Converging Voices: Gender and Identity
  • Women in Contrast

A Message from the Director

Summer 2017

As summer progresses, the Hofstra University Museum continues to be a destination for families, students, and individuals seeking inspiration, reflection, and a cool spot to refresh. Beautiful weather welcomes young children and their adult companions onto campus for art-filled discoveries of outdoor sculptures located on the tree-filled campus. Visit the Emily Lowe Gallery Tuesday-Friday and pick up a “Let’s Explore” Backpack. It includes a map, information and talking points, along with art-making materials related to several works of art - and set off on your adventure. For another approach to the outdoor sculpture, families can pick up a copy of The Great Art Caper and become a detective on a mission.

We are very pleased that, for the second year, incoming freshmen are being introduced to the Museum as part of their summer orientation program with a stop in the Emily Lowe Gallery. Meanwhile younger students from the University’s summer programs continue to engage in explorations of art while at the University.

The two current exhibitions, Women in Contrast and Converging Voices: Gender and Identity, offer opportunities to refresh and expand your thinking as you take time to discover the works on view.

Art museums are transformative spaces, able to excite us with the wonders of creativity and provoke us to think beyond our usual day-to-day world. Come by and visit; we are here for you and we invite you to connect with us.

Nancy Richner

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  • Converging Voices: Gender and Identity
  • Women in Contrast