Radio, Television, Film Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts

  • Audio/Radio Production and Studies – This program is ideal for the student who wants to concentrate in radio and audio production, including radio reporting, announcing and producing. Students also get an in-depth understanding of the radio industry, its history and programming, as well as the business model of radio. Students in this program frequently work at Hofstra’s award-winning community radio station, WRHU-FM, either as producers, engineers, reporters, announcers and technicians.
  • Television Production and Studies – The Bachelor of Arts program is designed for the student who is interested in working in television, and the many new outlets for creative video production, while also developing a strong foundation in the liberal arts. This well rounded combination provides increased flexibility when choosing the right career path upon graduation. The program offers a broad range of fundamental television skills and studies courses and then allows each student to select and develop further the creative skills they are most interested in, such as editing, writing, videography, directing, or producing for television and related media. Students also have the opportunity to expand their hands-on experience through working on one of the program’s many extracurricular TV shows and events. 
  • Film Studies and Production – Designed for the student who is interested in the production, history and creation of narrative or documentary feature or short films, this comprehensive program allows students to study film theory and history while writing, creating, designing, directing and editing short films through traditional and digital formats.

Bachelor of Science

  • Video/Television – While the BA program focuses more on creative skills needed for the television industry, the BS program takes a more technical, specialized approach to television and video production.  Courses include advanced television technologies, multi-camera production, a production practicum, as well as a science and computer science component.    
  • Video/Television and Film -- This program prepares students for careers involving a more technical, specialized approach to television, video and film production.  Courses include advanced theatrical production, television technologies, multi-camera production, a production practicum, as well as a science and computer science component.    
  • Video/Television and Business -- Students in this program get an overview of television production, industry standards and history and participate in an industry internship, while taking coursework in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business in legal issues, marketing and management. This program gives student the specialized skills needed to understand the unique business issues of the media and entertainment industries.  

RTVF Minor

Our department also offers a Minor in Radio, Television, Film requiring 18 semester hours, and is taken under advisement and with approval from the advisor. 

Interdisciplinary Minor in Immersive Media

This minor explores innovative spaces in storytelling, design-thinking, and game design. Combining courses from Herbert School, DeMatteis School, and School of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts, students taking this minor will use cutting-edge storytelling technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as well as learn to design interactive narratives for mobile and web platforms.

Radio, Television, and Film Programs