Diversity Advisory Board

The Diversity Advisory Board is a group of diverse Hofstra student leaders representing a variety of backgrounds who meet regularly to consider and discuss matters concerning diversity and student life. The Board identifies ways to educate about diversity, advocate for marginalized people, and provide guidance as Hofstra addresses community issues.

What do we mean when we use the word diversity?
The Board defines "diversity" as an inclusive community of people with varied human characteristics, practices, beliefs, ideas, and world views whose interactions both benefit and challenge each other to grow, while making the community more welcoming and inclusive.

The goals of the Board shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Work with and advise the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Educate, discuss, evaluate, and share matters of diversity to enhance and foster an inclusive and welcoming campus environment
  • Develop an effective means of communication about diversity issues with all segments and levels of the community
  • Advocate for the recruitment and representation of diverse students, faculty, and staff and encourage diversity initiatives that enhance retention, advancement, and engagement of diverse people throughout the University
  • Celebrate the differences in people and intersections of identity without attaching values


Hofstra University promotes an institutional culture that values and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO) serves as the primary advocate for the University’s equity agenda by developing and facilitating strategies, decision-making, agenda setting, and actions necessary to advance equity at all levels of the University.

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Meet the Diversity Advisory Board 2019-2020


Hello! My name is Rojanaye Daley and I am a member of the class of 2021. In addition to being on the diversity board, I am the secretary of the Hofstra chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and a proud brother of Alpha Phi Omega (APO). I am passionate about a variety of issues affecting students, especially queer students, commuter students, as well as students of color. I joined the diversity board because Hofstra has always felt like a "home away from home" and I would like to help change our community so all students can feel that way.


Hello! My name is Ashe Davis. I am part of the class of 2020, majoring in occupational therapy. I am currently involved in the Student Occupational Therapy Association, where I serve on the Community Outreach committee. In addition, I am a graduate assistant in Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion. I joined the Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Board because I wanted to ensure that all voices on Hofstra's campus were being heard and represented. In addition, I wanted to provide a voice for graduate students on campus.


Hey there! My name is Zain Farooqui and I'm a current senior majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in math. I'm this year's Rules Chair for Student Government, a resident assistant in the Netherlands, a peer educator with IEI, and I am involved with Hofstra's Muslim Students' Association. I've been a member of the board for the last two years and it's allowed me to connect directly with University administrators bringing as many of our voices to the table, especially for those of us who are otherwise underrepresented.


Hey, I'm Brittany, a member of Hofstra's class of 2021. I am a double major in psychology and Spanish with a minor in neuroscience. My campus involvement includes the roles of treasurer for Hofstra's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Diversity Peer Mentor, Discovery Leader, Psychology Club Secretary, President of the step team, Strictly Steppin', and a member of the Committee of Representation in Public Spaces.

I joined the Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Board in order to help give a voice to members of underrepresented groups who do not step forward themselves. Keeping up with happenings around campus and joining discussions on both what is and what is not working out has become a normal part of my routine. I feel fortunate to exist in a space where I feel heard and have the opportunity to help improve campus life in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Hi, I'm Alexa and I'm a junior studying public policy with minors in history and women's studies. I am also currently in leadership positions on campus such as the Student Services chair of the Student Government Association, as well as undersecretary general for Model UN.

I joined DOS DAB in order to not only express my own issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion, but more importantly, to learn about how other students live their day-to-day at Hofstra. It is important to me that I understand the climate of the University to better represent students in Student Government and actually be an informed voice at the table. I also joined because I am passionate about the make-up of the faculty and staff that students are interacting with every day, as it is important for students to see themselves in their professors and advisors. I can't wait to continue working with the DOS DAB to create a better and more inclusive campus for every student.


Hey! I'm Serena Payne and am part of the class of 2020. I'm majoring in psychology with a minor in LGBTQ+ studies. I am involved all around our campus. I'm a student aide in Hofstra's Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion office, and a general member of The Pride Network, the Gender Identity Alliance, and Hofstra's Organization for Sexual Empowerment.

Joining the DOS DAB has been such an honor and is routinely something I look forward to the most every week. I strive to create change on Hofstra's campus to help LGBTQ+ students and low-income students, and to improve the mental health services available to our entire student body.


Hello! My name is Shanique Reid. I am part of the class of 2020 and am majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in mathematics. I am currently the vice president of the National Society of Black Engineers, the treasurer of the Yoga Club, and a member of the national service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. I joined the Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Board to try to leave Hofstra a better place than I found it. This board allows me to voice my unique experiences and use them to improve the student experience, especially for students of color and those of low-income. This advisory board is the perfect platform for me to help enact visible improvements to campus life.

Diversity Advisory Board Alumni


Maryam Qureshi, Class of 2019


Genesis Rivera, Class of 2019


Mana Tadbiri, Class of 2019


Antonio Agcaoili, Class of 2018


Carrisa Anderson, Class of 2017


Raven Cordice, Class of 2018


Ashley Franks, Class of 2017


Sarah Harris, Class of 2017


Brianna Holcomb, Class of 2017


Ben Martin, Class of 2019


Lola Solis, Class of 2019