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Undergraduate Research

Your breakthroughs could change the world.

At Hofstra, we don’t just study existing knowledge — we uncover new information. In our libraries and laboratories, in our studios, and on our stages, faculty lead students in research that informs and enriches the classroom experience, and that builds skills in nuanced inquiry and advanced discovery. As an undergraduate, you’ll engage in research as you move from foundational courses to deeper studies in your discipline. And if you’re an advanced student, you’ll get the chance to conduct independent, supervised research as a junior or senior. This research will serve as the capstone to your work and demonstrate your mastery of the subject — and it could lead to a major breakthrough.

Mentor of the Year

Dr. Sleiman Ghorayeb collaborates on research with his engineering and applied science undergraduates, allowing them to gain powerful insights and build an impressive resume early on.

Dr. Sleiman Ghorayeb

Hofstra Horizons for Undergraduate and Graduate Research

Hofstra Horizons for Undergraduate and Graduate Research serves as complement to the existing Hofstra Horizons that focuses on faculty research at Hofstra University.

Hofstra Horizons



Help fund undergraduate research

Your support could contribute to important discoveries and vital educational experiences.


Find funding for your presentation

If you’re seeking to present your research at a professional conference, we can guide you to the right resources for securing financial support.


Become a research assistant

Qualified Honors College students can serve as paid research assistants to faculty across different fields and programs at Hofstra.