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The university is a place of both teaching and research. Research by faculty informs and enriches the classroom experience and allows students to progress from the fundamentals in a field to its advanced and more nuanced branches of inquiry, and on toward the production of new knowledge. Faculty instruct students not only in the content of an area but also its methods of independent inquiry that will lead to new insights and discoveries. Undergraduates engage in research themselves to increasing degrees as they move from foundational courses to more advanced courses and more closely defined topics. Advanced students in a major can engage in independent, supervised research sometimes as juniors, usually as seniors, possibly for departmental honors, as a way of demonstrating their mastery of both content and methods in the field and their ability to formulate and pursue a line of inquiry, which may lead to new knowledge.

Undergraduate Research serves as a capstone to a student’s work and development in an undergraduate major and can lead to graduate study or directly to entrance into professional life. The term Undergraduate Research refers to such pursuits in all fields, whether that research or advanced work in the discipline, whether that advanced work takes place in the laboratory or the library, in the studio, on stage, or in the field. Each student’s advanced research, --after months of hard work, reflection, uncertainty, frustration but also happy discovery, enthusiasm, relief and revision,-- culminates in the public presentation of the results in the department, on Undergraduate Research Day for the Hofstra community in general and/or at professional conferences.

Undergraduate research gets done in the respective departments. This webpage along with the awards, events and publications here listed attempts to present an overarching perspective on Undergraduate Research across the disciplines at Hofstra University. The presentation of research, the sharing of knowledge, is the life-blood of the academic enterprise, and we all benefit from knowing what our hardest working, most advanced students have accomplished.

Nominations for the Mentor of the Year Student Engagement and Learning

Mentor of the Year

Ibraheem Karaye, MD, DrPH, MPH, CPH, assistant professor of population health, has been named the 2023 Mentor of the Year, an annual award that honors outstanding faculty supervision of advanced undergraduate research. Read more about Dr. Karaye here.

Ibraheem Karaye

Hofstra Horizons for Undergraduate and Graduate Research

Hofstra Horizons for Undergraduate and Graduate Research serves as complement to the existing Hofstra Horizons that focuses on faculty research at Hofstra University.

Hofstra Horizons



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Qualified Honors College students can serve as paid research assistants to faculty across different fields and programs at Hofstra.