Student Counseling Services

Group Counseling

The group format generally involves members who come together to discuss common concerns once each week. Group members are encouraged to explore their style of coping and relating to other members by interacting freely and honestly in a supportive environment. An environment of privacy and respect is highly valued, and individuals are encouraged to maintain the confidentiality of fellow group members. Unless otherwise noted, all groups meet in Room 106 of the Wellness and Campus Living Center, North Campus. There is no charge for participation in groups; attendance is limited to currently enrolled Hofstra University students.

Spring 2022 Student Counseling Services Groups

The following groups meet in person:

Coping with Bereavement
Wellness and Campus Living Center Room 148
When: Thursdays at 4 PM
This group provides support to students who have experienced a death or loss. Connect with others who share similar experiences and develop healthy coping strategies to guide you through your personal grief process.

Social Network Live
Student Center Room 141/Online
When: Wednesdays at 4 PM
Join fellow students for this social development skills group to learn better ways to start and maintain social relationships.
This group is hybrid and meets both in-person and on Zoom. If you are interested in participating virtually, please reach out to Student Counseling at 516-463-2273 or

Social Anxiety Group
Wellness and Campus Living Center Room 106
When: Wednesdays at 8 PM
This group focuses on helping students understand and reduce anxiety in social situations. Learn and develop skills and strategies for becoming more comfortable in social settings.

Outdoor Mindfulness Meditation
Wellness and Campus Living Center Room 148
When: Fridays at 12 PM
This group focuses on building the connectivity of mind, body, emotion, and surroundings through meditation. Bring a blanket, towel, or yoga mat to sit on and come join us as we find spaces for mindful movement on campus. Please arrive promptly, as this group may walk to other locations on campus.

Alternative Fridays
Wellness and Campus Living Center Room 106
When: Fridays at 8 PM
This group that provides an opportunity for students to explore their relationship with substance use. Skills covered include how to respond effectively to urges and how to start making meaningful changes using harm-reduction strategies.*

*If you are a student living fully in sobriety and are interested in helping to develop a sober counseling group, please contact Student Counseling Services at 516-463-2273 or to discuss further.

Online Groups:

The following groups meet on HIPAA-compliant Zoom. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Student Counseling at 516-463-2273 or

Coping with COVID-19
When: Tuesdays at 7 PM, Fridays at noon
This group teaches strategies to handle challenges brought on by COVID-19. Connect with others who are seeking effective ways to cope in the changing world.

Online Mindfulness Meditation
Where: Online
When: Thursdays at 7 PM
Mindful participation is important in all parts of life, even virtual. Learn ways to relax and manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions by staying in the present moment.