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Hofstra Card


ID Issuance

Lost HofstraCards


Dining Plans

  • I have too much money on my dining plan and I want to lower it, how do I do that?
    You can change/cancel your dining plan up to approximately 2 weeks after the semester begins by filling out a form in the Office of Residential Programs.  Please note if you lower your dining plan for the Spring semester, you will forfeit any unspent dining points from the Fall semester. Certain dining plans may not be available to you, depending on your student status (First-year, Resident, etc.). For more information, visit the Residential Programs site.
  • Will my remaining Fall dining points transfer over to my Spring dining points?
    Dining points may or may not remain on your card the following semester dependent upon the plan you select. If you choose the same dining plan or higher for the Spring semester any remaining Fall points will automatically be transferred over. If you choose a lower plan or cancel your Spring dining plan, any remaining Fall points will be forfeited. Please note that effective Fall 2013 semester all resident undergraduate students must select a dining plan. Specific options are outlined on the dining plan contract.
  • Is there a Winter dining plan?
    No, Fall dining plans remain active during Winter Intersession and you can add points to the Fall plan if necessary.
  • Is there a Summer dining plan?
    Yes, you can sign up for Summer dining plans through the Portal or by visiting the Office of Residential Programs.
  • Can I get a refund for my unused dining points?
    Meal points are non-refundable and expire the day after Spring Commencement, so be sure to use them up. Here are some of the most common ways students use up leftover points:
    • Have a party catered – contact the Catering Office
    • Buy in bulk at Dutch Treats
    • Donate food to a charity – contact the Catering Office
    • Treat your friends and family when they visit

General Office

Alumni/Law Alumni

  • How do I obtain an Alumni card?
    You may obtain an Alumni card by contacting Alumni Affairs at (516) 463-6636 or visiting Alumni House on south campus. They will provide a temporary Alumni card for you to exchange for a permanent one at our office.
  • How do I obtain a Law Alumni card?
    You may obtain a Law Alumni card by contacting Law Alumni Affairs at (516) 463-5858 or visiting the Law School on south campus. They will provide a temporary Alumni card for you to exchange for a permanent one at our office.
    Please note, if you are a Law Alumnus/a, you are immediately eligible to purchase memberships to the Fitness Center and the Swim Center.
  • Why should I obtain an Alumni card?
    There are many benefits associated with an Alumni card. There are on-campus discounts, access to Axinn Library services, access to Hammer and Calkins computer labs, the ability to purchase a Fitness Center and/or Swim Center membership, access to Career Center services, and more. Contact Alumni Affairs for a full list of benefits.
  • Are Alumni able to use the Fitness Center and the Swim Center?
    Access to the Fitness Center and Swim Center is granted through purchase of a membership for each facility. Memberships require an active Alumni card. Fitness Center memberships may be purchased at HofstraCard Services. Swim Center memberships may be purchased at the Swim Center.
  • I have an Alumni card and now I am starting a Graduate program – do I get two Hofstra Cards?
    No, you can have only one Hofstra ID at a time, and any Student status supersedes Alumni status.