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Health and Wellness Center

Gynecological Examinations

In order to facilitate the health care of the Hofstra student, it is the policy of Student Health Services that all gynecological examination appointments are made in person and that a $20.00 non-refundable deposit is required at the time the appointment is made. Students are required to fill out forms prior to the GYN appointment. (these forms should be brought to Student Health Services at the time of your appointment).

Please make your appointment mid cycle (2 weeks after your period).

Please follow these instructions prior to your appointment:

  • 2 days prior to your GYN appointment: NO tampons, condoms, KY jelly, douches or intercourse.

Please note that the following tests may be performed:

  1. PAP Smears (Thin Prep)
  2. Chlamydia & Gonorrhea
  3. HIV & any STI that provider deems necessary

These fees will be billed directly to you by the lab after your visit. The importance of these tests will be explained to you during your exam. Should you decide not to have these tests performed, please notify your provider.Please note that your signature indicates understanding of the above. You can not be seen without signing this paper.

You will be held responsible for any lab fee incurred from any tests taken.

Please be aware of our practice regarding lab results:

  • If you have a follow up appointment with your provider the labs will be reviewed at the scheduled appointment
  • If there is a result that cannot wait until the next visit, we will notify you
  • Please be aware that due to HIPPA federal regulations some lab results cannot be discussed over the phone
  • If you would like the results from the Health and Wellness Center, you can pick the labs up at our office or we will fax them to your provider. Results cannot be mailed.
  • You may call for results within 48-72 hours of your labs being obtained, between 9AM – 10AM at (516) 463-6745.

Click to download the Gynecological Examination Form