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If admitted to Hofstra through the NOAH Program, will I be a regular Hofstra University student?
Yes, all students admitted through the NOAH Program are Hofstra University students.

Will I receive credit for Advanced Placement classes and college courses?
Pre-collegiate courses that are eligible for consideration of college credit are evaluated by Admissions and Academic Departments upon a students' admission to Hofstra.

Pre-Freshman Summer Academy

What is the Pre-Freshman Summer Academy? Do I have to participate?
All students who are admitted to Hofstra University through the NOAH Program must participate in the Pre-Freshman Summer Academy (PFSA). The PFSA provides students with the opportunity to address academic needs, get a jump start on earning college credits and become acclimated to Hofstra University.

Is there an orientation before the Pre-Freshman Summer Academy begins?
Yes, the Student Parent Orientation is held prior to the beginning of the Pre-Freshman Summer Academy. The dates of the Orientation are provided for admitted students.

How long is the Pre-Freshman Summer Academy?
The Pre-Freshman Summer Academy is 5 weeks. It generally occurs from the first week in July through the first week in August of each year.

Can I work while in the Pre-Freshman Summer Academy?
The Pre-Freshman Summer Academy is very rigorous and will require that students devote a significant amount of their time to their studies. Therefore, students are not permitted to work during the Summer Academy.