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Hofstra University @ Commerce Plaza

The Commerce Plaza Experience

A six-week preparation cycle takes place in many 5th grade classrooms introducing the basic principles of economics, as teachers introduce the Commerce Plaza Curriculum. A full-day field trip to Commerce Plaza integrates the lessons from the classroom with "actual" work experience. In this environment, the children act as retail operators, producers of services, government managers and consumers for the day.

Hofstra University at Commerce Plaza includes an Admissions, Student Accounts, Financial Aid and Marketing and Communications office.

Commerce Plaza: Goals for Career Literacy

  • Operate Business
  • Balance Checkbooks
  • Fill Out Job Applications
  • Problem Solve
  • Write Checks
  • Apply for Bank Loans
  • Price for Profit
  • Think Critically
  • Make Deposits
  • Prepare Cost Sheets
  • Work as a Team
  • Communicate Effectively

Commerce Plaza Mission
Provide children with a truly unique experience that combines both education and employment in an effort to help build a stronger future for the Long Island Business Community “one child at a time"



Student Testimonials

  • “Commerce Plaza was great! I think it will help us prepare for the future”
  • “I really liked Commerce Plaza. It taught me to be responsible with keeping my checks balanced!”
  • “Commerce Plaza Rules. I love it!”
  • “I think Commerce Plaza was great because it shows what business will be like in a couple of years from now.”

For more student testimonials please view the Commerce Plaza website.

Teacher Testimonials

  • “I know my students had a wonderful time and that they will continue to talk about this trip for many months to come. Without a doubt, it will be the highlight of their fifth grade experience.”
  • “Thank you very much for the fantastic field trip to Commerce Plaza. The program was very educational and enjoyable.”
  • “The strengths….are the individual responsibilities undertaken by all the employees, the teamwork necessary to make each business work, and the spirit of enthusiasm demonstrated by the students. I really think this is a wonderful program. The student enjoy it and get a great deal from it. I know we’ll be back.”
  • “All life skills were put into action. Commerce Plaza afforded the opportunity that NO textbook could ever provide. The children and parents gave such positive feedback. They all mentioned how unique and interesting the day had been. Thank you Commerce Plaza for providing a trip that puts ‘real life’ into action.”

For more teacher testimonials please view the Commerce Plaza website.


Continuing Education: Students learn about the value of a college education and the importance of lifelong learning.

Admissions: Employees are encouraged to enroll in continuing education courses related to their jobs after meeting with an Admissions Director.

Compensation: Employees receive a bonus in their salary for registering for continuing education courses.

Financial Aid: Employees may apply for financial aid to help the cost of courses.

Marketing and Communications: Businesses can advertise at Hofstra University and/or sponsor events on campus to gain recognition for their businesses.

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Program Coordinator

Lutisha Vickerie

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Frank G. Zarb School of Business
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