Trademark Use Procedures

This document sets forth the procedures for student organizations wishing to participate in the University’s licensing program in accordance with the University Trademark Licensing Policy.

To ensure consistency in the use of the University's name and logos, all products, signage, or packaging bearing reference to Hofstra University must be produced by manufacturers licensed through the University's licensing agent, CLC Partners. Only officially licensed manufacturers carry appropriate product liability insurance naming Hofstra an additional insured and agree to abide by an established labor code of conduct.

Use of Hofstra University's name or other Hofstra trademarks with an organization name implies association with the University. Therefore, only those student organizations that are officially recognized by the SGA are allowed to use Hofstra trademarks in conjunction with their name.

Process & Procedures

Student organizations desiring to sell or distribute t-shirts or other products on campus must obtain approval through the organization’s Program Office (e.g. Office of Student Leadership & Engagement, Campus Recreation, and Residence Life). Additional approvals may be required as outlined below.

Permission to sell products may be given to student organizations that adhere to the following policy and complete the request form.

  1. Licensing approval for the use of registered Hofstra University marks on any product for sale or distribution by student organizations will be subject to the following restrictions and requirements:
    1. Written approval must be obtained through the organization’s Program Office prior to submission to the vendor.
    2. Print and complete the Student Organization Trademarks Use Request Form. Your program advisor must have all items approved before you can order. That includes items such as t-shirts, gear or otherwise that would include the Hofstra name, the athletic “H” logo, lion heads, crest, or any other Hofstra trademark.
    3. Please submit the Student Organization Trademarks Use Request Form and a hard copy of the mock up to your program advisor at least 5 business days prior to the date the item should be ordered, in order to allow sufficient time for the request to go through University branding approvals.
    4. You will receive an e-mail notification indicating one of the following:
      1. APPROVED - Request was approved and can be submitted to the vendor.
      2. APPROVED WITH CHANGES - Request was approved, but changes must be made prior to sending to the vendor.
      3. DISAPPROVED - Request was not approved. Changes may be made and the request may be resubmitted.
    5. Once you submit your order to an approved vendor, the vendor must receive approval through the Brand Manager 360 system, administered by the university trademarks partner CLC Partners, prior to the production of any product using any Hofstra marks.
    6. All products must be produced or purchased from a company licensed with Hofstra University. The Approved Internal Vendor list can be found under the ‘Resources’ above.
    7. The product must have the name (or letters) of the student organization prominently displayed on the product.
    8. Use of Hofstra University marks on the products must be confined to the standard registered marks. Such marks can be incorporated into a custom design on the product with appropriate approval from the organization’s Program Office.
    9. Design requirements must be met on all areas of the product. For example, printing on the inside of a shirt for reversible wearing must meet all requirements.
    10. No reference can be made, either directly or indirectly, to any individual athlete, athletic squad, athletic team, or athletic event that the University participates in as a competitive representative of the Colonial Athletic Association Conference under NCAA rules and regulations.
    11. All approved products containing or including any Hofstra University trademarks for distribution to organization members for specific events and for resale to the general public (i.e. giveaway’s, family members, fund raisers and distribution to other non-members) by a recognized student organization will not be subject to any royalty fees.
    12. All student organizations must comply with the University Trademark Licensing Policy.
  2. Designs containing non-Hofstra trademarks and phrases (Coke, “Just Do It,” cartoon characters, etc.) must have written permission from the copyright owner before the design will be approved.
  3. Violators of the established policy will be subject to the following sanctions:
    1. For unapproved, but approvable, product designs, a 10% fine on the cost of the product will be imposed. For example, if an organization prints 100 shirts at $6.00 each, the fine would be $60 (assuming the design would have been approved if submitted). Distribution of the product shall be stopped until the design is approved and the fine is paid.
    2. For unapproved and unapprovable product designs, the organization will not be able to sell or distribute the product and must pay a 10% fine on the cost of the product. In addition, one or more of the following sanctions may be imposed:
      1. If the product can be corrected (overprinted), the group may be allowed to distribute the product once a 10% fine is paid.
      2. For design problems that cannot be corrected, the product will be collected and destroyed.
      3. Additional fines and/or ban on future t-shirts and other products will be imposed.
    3. In addition to monetary fines, student organizations are subject to disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code for failure to comply with a University policy.