Parenting Support


Lactation Spaces

Hofstra University recognizes the importance and benefit of breastfeeding for parents and their children. A lactation space is available in Student Center 016D, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Paper towels, hand sanitizer, an outlet, a chair and table, and a noise machine are provided.

Changing Table Access

Changing tables are available for parents of young children on the second floor in the Student Center bathrooms (261 and 262) located outside of the HX Salon Hair. These restrooms are ADA accessible and for single use.

Changing tables are also located in the first-floor bathrooms of the David S. Mack Arena.

For information on our Childcare Center, visit the Child Care Institute website. For more information on parenting classes or child socialization groups, please visit the CMHP Clinic.