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Purchase Requisition

Q. What is a Purchase Requisition?
A Purchase Requisition form is used to order supplies, equipment, materials, etc. A Purchase Requisition should not be used to order supplies that are available through the University’s designated office supply provider. Please see FAQ below regarding ordering of office supplies.
Q. Where can I obtain a Purchase Requisition form?
Please see the Procurement Services website under the Forms tab.
Q. How do we charge items to different budget(s)?
When submitting your Purchase Requisition, please indicate by each line item, the cost center and the amount to be charged.
Q. Do I need to obtain/attach a quote from the suggested supplier with my Purchase Requisition?
Yes, all proposals, quotes etc., should be submitted with your Purchase Requisition.
Q. How do I request a rush order?
Please indicate the word “Rush” on the Purchase Requisition. Rush orders are given priority; however, we ask that departments keep rush orders to a minimum.
Q. How do I order office supplies?
Please see the Procurement Services website under the Key Suppliers tab for the University’s current designated office supply provider.
Q. How do I order printing?
Please contact the University’s Print Shop at 516-463-6881 or visit Creative Services
Q. How do I order a personal computer, printer or related peripherals?
Please contact the University’s IT department at ITorders@hofstra.edu or visit https://www.hofstra.edu/its/.
Q. How do I order food/beverages for an event on campus?
Please contact University Campus Dining at 516-463-5395 or visit hofstra.catertrax.com/

Purchase Order

Q What is a Purchase Order?
A Purchase Order is a contractual commitment, issued by Procurement Services and governed by the University’s standard terms and conditions, which authorizes the expenditure of University funds for the acquisition of goods and/or services. The information contained in a Purchase Order is entered into the University’s financial system, ensuring that the appropriate budget is charged.
Q. When is a Purchase Order required?
In general, whenever the cost of goods and/or services has an aggregate value of $1,000 or greater. For purchases under $1,000 we recommend the use of a Hofstra Purchasing Card or Check Requisition.
Q. What is a Hofstra Purchasing Card?
Please see Procurement Services website under the Purchasing Card tab.
Q. How long does it take to issue a Purchase Order?
Procurement Services typically issues a Purchase Order within 2-3 business days after receiving an appropriately completed and approved Purchase Requisition.
Q. How will I know when my Purchase Order has been processed?
A department copy of the Purchase Order will be sent to the requestor via email.
Q. How do I order low dollar, repetitive type items?
We recommend using a Hofstra Purchasing Card or establishing an Open Purchase Order with the supplier.
Q. What is a Blanket Purchase Order?
A Blanket Purchase Order is used for the repetitive purchase of goods and/or services from a supplier over the course of the University’s fiscal year. As a Purchase Order encumbers funds, departments should be careful not to overstate the amount required on the Blanket Order. When charges exceed the total Blanket Order amount, payment will not be made until the Blanket Order is appropriately increased. While the not-to-exceed amount is encumbered (appropriated) from your budget, Blanket Orders may be increased or decreased during the year as needs change.
Q. How do I increase or decrease an open Purchase Order?
Please submit a completed Purchase Order Change Request Form which can be found on the Procurement Services website under the Forms tab.
Q. How do I determine the remaining encumbrance on a Purchase Order?
In Banner, use the FGIENCD form or contact Accounts Payable at 516-463-6193.
Q. Who do I call about a problem with a Purchase Order?
If you receive an incorrect item, or the item(s) received are defective, contact the supplier directly and Procurement Services. Also contact Accounts Payable to ensure that payment to the supplier is not made.

Change Order

Q. What is a Change Order?
A Change Order makes an adjustment to an existing Purchase Order in price, quantities ordered, terms and conditions, delivery point, etc. Changes to an existing Purchase Order, other than cost center coding, are made by issuing a Change Order form. The Purchase Order number will remain the same with the exception of an added description in the body of the Purchase Order. Only Procurement Services is authorized to issue a Change Order for carrying out changes in its provisions. Budgetary funds must be available to absorb the change order amount.
Q. How do I request a Change Order?
A completed Change Order Request Form requesting a revision to an existing Purchase Order (increase, decrease, cancel, close) should be submitted to Procurement Services. See Change Order Request under the Forms tab.

Bidding Process

Q. When is competitive bidding required and what is the bidding process?
Competitive bidding is a mechanism used to ensure the equitable and efficient pricing of goods and services and is required for all purchases with an aggregate value of $5,000 or more. See the University’s policy regarding Competitive Bidding for further information and specific guidelines.
Q. How long does the bidding process take?
The length of the bidding process depends on the nature, amount, and complexity of the purchase requested. Timing may vary from a few days to a few months. Please contact Procurement Services after you have submitted a Purchase Requisition and we will provide the time frame for your particular request. Please note that volume is typically high during the summer and just prior to each semester.
Q. Must we take the low bid?
While the University is not required to accept the lowest bid, in most instances, it will be deemed appropriate to do so. However, in certain circumstances other criteria are also considered in determining the best value for the University such as delivery time constraints, service levels, payment terms, past experience, and physical location of supplier.
Q. How should I interact with suppliers?
Employees must always avoid any appearances of impropriety or collusion during the bidding process. When receiving and evaluating competitive bids, employees should never reveal one supplier's prices to another. It is imperative that all bids remain confidential. Should you have questions when working with a supplier, do not hesitate to contact Procurement Services for assistance. Please reference the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

Purchase Order Payments

Q. What is the process to pay an invoice received from a supplier?
Upon receipt of an invoice from a supplier, the department must confirm the following:
  • Verify the goods/services have been received in accordance with the terms of the Purchase Order and in satisfactory condition;
  • Verify the invoice is accurate and the correct Purchase Order number appears on the invoice;
  • Approve the invoice by completing a Check Requisition form or by use of a Payment Stamp (supplied by Accounts Payable); and
  • Submit to Accounts Payable for review and payment.
Q. How do I determine the status of a payment to a supplier?
In Banner, use the FOIDOCH form or contact Accounts Payable at 516-463-6193.
Q. What are the University’s standard payment terms?
The University’s standard payment terms are Net 30 Days from date of invoice.
Q. Does the University pay New York sales tax?
No. Hofstra University is exempt from all local and state sales tax.
Q. How do I obtain a copy of the University’s Sales Tax Exempt form?
Please contact the Office of Financial Affairs at 516-463-6820.