Standard II Ethics & Integrity

Ethics and integrity are central, indispensable, and defining hallmarks of effective higher education institutions. In all activities, whether internal or external, an institution must be faithful to its mission, honor its contracts and commitments, adhere to its policies, and represent itself truthfully.

This standard addresses the University’s adherence to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all actions. Broadly, this standard seeks evidence that Hofstra is committed to academic freedom, freedom of expression, supports a climate of respect and diversity of ideas and backgrounds, provides formal mechanisms for conflicts, is truthful in communications, and complies with all appropriate laws and regulations.

Some of your work may overlap with that of other Working Groups, notably that of Standard VII: Governance, Leadership, and Administration. Consultation with this Working Group is encouraged to avoid duplication of effort and to identify appropriate linkages between standards and institutional priorities.

  • Chair: Jennifer Mone, Deputy General Counsel and Equal Rights and Opportunity Officer, Office of General Counsel
  • Chair: Warren Frisina, Dean, Associate Professor of Religion, Hofstra University Honors College
  • Alan Flurkey, Professor of Specialized Programs in Education, School of Education
  • Behailu Mammo, Associate Professor of Mathematics, School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • Heather DePierro, Assistant Dean & Director of Community Standards, Student Affairs
  • Janet L. Dolgin, Jack and Freda Dicker Distinguished Professor of Health Care Law; Professor of Science Education, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; Co-director, Hofstra Bioethics Center; Director, Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy, Maurice A. Deane School of Law
  • Melanie Mardirossian, Executive Director of Marketing and Communication for Enrollment, Admissions
  • Melissa Connolly, Vice President of University Relations, University Relations
  • Sandra Mervius, Director, Financial Aid
  • Sofia Kakoulidis, Associate Provost for Research & Sponsored Programs, Office of the Provost