Standard VII Governance, Leadership, and Administration

The institution is governed and administered in a manner that allows it to realize its stated mission and goals in a way that effectively benefits the institution, its students, and the other constituencies it serves. Even when supported by or affiliated with governmental, corporate, religious, educational system, or other unaccredited organizations, the institution has education as its primary purpose, and it operates as an academic institution with appropriate autonomy.

This standard demonstrates that the University’s governance is aligned with the mission and goals and effectively benefits all constituents. Broadly, this standard seeks evidence that Hofstra has a clear governance structure with well-articulated roles and responsibilities that serves the public interest with both independence and integrity, oversees policies related to learning and ensures strong financial management, and complies with a written conflict of interest policy. Further, this standard seeks evidence of a supported Chief Executive Officer and administrative team who are appropriately credentialed and act with authority and autonomy to meet the mission of the institution.

Some of your work may overlap with that of other Working Groups, notably that of Standard II: Ethics and Integrity. Consultation with this Working Group is encouraged to avoid duplication of effort and to identify appropriate linkages between standards and institutional priorities.

  • Chair: Dolores Fredrich, Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel, Office of General Counsel
  • Chair: Stuart Bass, Speaker of the Faculty, Professor of Accounting, Taxation, and Legal Studies in Business, Frank G. Zarb School of Business
  • David Battinelli, Dean for Medical Education, Betsy Cushing Whitney Professor of Medicine, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
  • Dennis Mazzocco, Chapter President of AAUP, Professor of Radio, Television, Film, Lawrence Herbert School of Communication
  • Donald M. Schaeffer, Trustee
  • George Giuliani, Chair of Faculty Affairs, Associate Professor of Specialized Programs in Education, School of Education
  • Gloria Hoovert, President of Hofstra Local 153, Senior Assistant to the Chair of Writing Studies and Composition, School of Humanities, Fine & Performing Arts
  • Janis M. Meyer, Trustee & Alumnae
  • Kathleen Wallace, Chair of Chair’s Caucus, Chair of Philosophy Department, Professor of Philosophy, Peter S. Kalikow School of Government, Public Policy, & International Affairs
  • William Nirode, Chair of Chemistry Department, Professor of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics