Standard VI Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

The institution’s planning processes, resources, and structures are aligned with each other and are sufficient to fulfill its mission and goals, to continuously assess and improve its programs and services, and to respond effectively to opportunities and challenges.

This standard demonstrates that the University has well aligned planning processes, resources and structures sufficient to meet our mission and goals, and that our planning processes are dynamic and nimble and continuously assessed and improved. Broadly, this standard seeks evidence that Hofstra has clearly stated objectives used for planning that relate to the mission and are grounded in assessment and evidence, that the planning process is well documented with clear assignment of responsibilities, well communicated and inclusive of constituents, and that financial planning and budgeting is tied to the mission and allocates adequate fiscal and human resources to meet those goals.

Some of your work may overlap with that of other Working Groups, notably that of Standard I: Mission and Goals. Consultation with this Working Group is encouraged to avoid duplication of effort and to identify appropriate linkages between standards and institutional priorities.

  • Chair: Catherine Hennessy, Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer, Financial Affairs
  • Chair: Herman Berliner, Dean, Professor of Economics, Frank G. Zarb School of Business
  • Alan Kelly, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs, Alumni Affairs
  • Daniel Seabold, Associate Professor of Mathematics, School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • Ehsan Nikbakht, Professor of Finance, Frank G. Zarb School of Business
  • Joseph Barkwill, Vice President for Facilities and Operations, Facilities and Operations
  • Mark Lesko, Vice President for Economic Development, Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Robert Juckiewicz, Vice President for Information Technology, Information Technology
  • Stephanie Bushey, Vice President for Institutional Research & Assessment, Institutional Research
  • William Caniano, Chair of Senate Planning & Budget, Business Librarian, Associate Professor, Library